Recovering memories help

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No - as a worldwide forum? It would be a quicker process to google, probably local support hotlines for the particular type of issue (eg. Suicide hotlines vs DV hotlines, big difference).

If you have questions about how to use the forum? The quickest and easiest way is to hit us up at Contact Us.

We do have a specific thread if you feel like a general chat with others would be helpful right now, which you can find here. Bear in mind this is a peer support forum, so for the most part, you're chatting with people who may well be dealing with their own crisis.

If you'd like to start a thread of your own, to get feedback on your own situation, you can do that, alternatively you can start a Trauma Diary if you want to work through some things that way.

But the short answer? Is no, we aren't a crisis support site.
Thank you, I was panicking and the threads are just right. I have loving family around me but can't talk to them so I'm trying to figure out my options for dealing with this.
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