Relationship Relationship has ended


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So been together for 18 months. She has PTSD and PMDD (developed after chemical contraception), it's being resolved by the doctor but last few months have peaked after getting it removed.

The relationship has been extremely difficult the last few months.

When we see eachother she talks about our future, how much she loves me e.t.c.

Then usually picks a fight over something small. Leaves, backs off communication becomes emotionally distant.

After a period of time goes by we physically see eachother goes back to extremely in love.

About a week ago when together she was struggling, got triggered, and escalated a big argument. We got into a fight, she basically says to me that I needed to put in all the effort she only could give 1% of her self to it.

Day before she's was telling me how much she loved me. She had quite an agressive tone, and it was more of a lecture than a discussion.

I got emotional, and told her fine. I need it to be both ways 50% or nothing.

A little later she gives me a massive hug and leaves. I didn't want to break up, almost immediately I let her know I regretted what I said.

Texting back and forth, few phone calls. She's controlling the interaction. Kept me on the hook, implying it's not over, she still wants to be together. Not actually said it, but it's clear this is the message she's conveying.

She's refusing to meet and talk.

Tomorrow is particularly difficult for me, me and her dad have a fishing trip booked been playing it with him for a while.

So going together. She's informed me she's traveling with him to the place our boat is leaving.

Going to spend the day wandering alone while we are out fishing. Also that she's completely going to avoid seeing me.

It's really messing with my head. Knowing she's going to be so close, traveling down with her dad, I'm with him all day, when I'm gone home she will get her dad to pick her up.

Really want to talk to her, finding this massively difficult to process.