Spilling my Beans


Hello @Deanna. Thank you! It's good to have folks to chat with.

It sucks feeling like your whole life was a lie. I have gone through a lot of that before finally settling on just being who I am now. Can't change the past. Doesn't do me any good to broid about it. I have to move on.

Maybe we go in phases of talking more or less? Sometimes I seem to benefit by talking. Other times talking, and everything else seems useless. Those are white-knuckling it times for me. Gotta get through to the next "better" time.

Exactly, we get out of therapy what we put into it, I think. I enjoy therapy even if it's only to have someone to talk with.

Yeah, the severe shaking isn't often. And the daily trembling has subsided. The docs won't do anything. Or they'll give me more meds I don't want or won't be able to take.

From what I am gathering, the shaking is just part n parcel with anxiety and PTSD. I can live with it for now.

Thanks for reaching out. It is good to meet you. Cute kitty!

Here's my lil doggie.🐕
How sweet! Here is my cat!


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My day is going good. I found a good deal on a phone at Amazon ( after Christmas sale) and the one I have now is about ready to die. How s your day going? Did you have a good Christmas?
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