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Struggling with Self-Control and Dissociation


My therapist has been asking about what it is I need from myself or what I can give myself to find more control… only, so much of this feels out of my control. Meaning the dissociation… I think if I knew how to fix or control it I would. So, I don’t know what to tell her. I mean, I know I’m not powerless in the present but I don’t always feel grounded in the present.. so then what?! It’s confusing.
Has she helped you develop ways to recognize the dissociation, to ground?
She’s definitely helped me learn different strategies to support grounding. But, recently I’ve been emotionally flooded. No amount of exercise, breathing, essential oils, chats with friends… etc. has been working so I’ve been frustrated. Which led to this conversation about what I may need. But, I have no clue! Other than maybe a better functioning brain 😵‍💫
Sometimes it's a matter of repeating and repeating those self care skills until it shifts? Maybe?

I think when T's ask us what we need, they are trying to get us to find the answers within ourselves. It's a prompt?
But your answer that you don't know, is valid.
When you said that, what did she say?
Sometimes my T will shift the focus, or suggest something, or say that she thinks I do know but that maybe the words aren't there yet.