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General Supporting a loved one - a survivor

Each day I watched you conquer your fears
I didn't see weakness ,I saw strength, I saw endurance.
Not wanting to be a bystander ,but to be part of your healing
The ghosts of your past were shadows.
To hold you through the nightmares, to rock you through the numbness.
You ran , ran ,slipping into the abyss of the chains of the past that held you captive
Your scars to me a testament of courage
They told a story ,not of a failed life but one written in pain
and bathed in light.
I thought some part of me was your safe harbour when the wars broke out inside of you,
My love was an anchor - I hoped would ground your wounded soul,
To conquer together and not run,
To shelter in the bunker of love until the storm is past - with you- just you ,my hero.

- Brumby in the sunshine ( supporter)
In honour of a loved one - (a sufferer)