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Tapering down Effexor/venlafaxine - experiences?

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On Friday I'll be dropping 37.5mg from the morning, so that I just have a morning dose of 225mg (== 3/5 of the venlafaxine I was on three months ago!)
The step down went completely smoothly, as did all the others.

I had a couple of months just sitting on that dosage, and then a few days ago on Wednesday morning we again stepped down by 37.5mg, so I'm now taking:
187.5mg morning
0mg midday.

187.5mg. I had the sudden realisation today that that is half of the 375mg I was on at my max dose.
Holy shit.
This blows my mind.
To have gone from such crippling depression and suicidality, and being completely dependent on the max dose of an SNRI, to tapering that SNRI down to half of the max dose, and having no side effects and rather feeling in an even better space mood-wise?

I am so happy.
And I am so f*cking grateful for all of the support (GP, T, pdoc, forum folks, L) that has allowed me to get here.

I'll be on this dose for another couple of weeks I would say, and then with GPs approval I will drop down to 150mg in the morning dose.

Which means
That for the first time in over 2 years
I will need to take only a single pill in the mornings.

I tear up just writing that.
God I hope I get to experience PTSD recovery like I am MDD recovery.
This is incredible.
Wow, I didn't realise it has been that long since I last updated here.

We've continued to taper my venlafaxine, taking things slowly (minimum 3-4 weeks between each dosage change).

I'm now on 75mg. I saw my GP today and tomorrow I get to go down to 37.5mg: 10% of the maximum dose I was originally on.

And then after about 3 weeks, provided all has gone smoothly, I get to stop venlafaxine completely. ☺️
It's been about one month now since I completely came off venlafaxine.
Even that last step from 37.5mg -> 0mg went smoothly and without side effects.

GP and I are both very pleased.
Also really nice not needing to take any medication during the day time anymore.
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