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News The Cost Of Health Insurance

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I lived without insurance for over 6 years... PreObama care, the cheapest we could get was $800 per person. $2400 a month? Nope. Not gonna happen. Not on the $600 a month we had at the time!

To know:

- Average Clinic appointments w/out labs = $250
- With labs = + $250- +750 (STD testing is avg $750!!! No wonder pandemic)
That's not too bad... Would totally make living without $300 insurance fine.

- Avg non-admit ER visit = $5,000-$10,000
- BIBA (brought in by ambulance) = + $10,000
- Avg Easy Emergent Surgery (appy, or bone pin, for example) = + $50,000-$75,000
- Maternity = $10,000-$20,000 vaginally (sig more for c-sect).

As long as you can afford standard care at apx $300 a month? You'll be fine, if and only if, you don't get into a car accident / get sick after hours / break a bone / get pregnant / etc. anything that needs to be seen in an ER. Also, cancer & other forms of ongoing medical care hit 6 figures inside of a month or three, and often hit 7 figures inside of 6-12mo.

So if you're young, healthy, unlikely to become pregnant , suffer any accidents, or need any kind of long term or ongoing care? It's not a terrible idea.

Very important to know :

- Not all states require hospitals to attempt to save your life if you cannot guarantee payment (insurance) or pay up front. Mine is one of the many who doesn't. Only 1 hospital per county is required by law to accept everyone, regardless of their ability to pay (but even there, treatment is restricted to life saving, only, if unable to pay). All the rest well send you away, carrying your own leg (not exaggerating, seen that one happen a few times, farm machinery), and won't even tourniquet you because = being used. Other states, meanwhile, the ER is required by law to treat anyone & everyone who walks in. Know which your state is, before getting rid of your insurance.

- Medical Debt goes on your credit report (as of George W Bush). My son's ER visit turned 5 week stay totaled in the millions. Over 100k per day most days, in PICU, interventions, daily care. My credit report was in the negative numbers even before my divorce. No lie, millions in debt. Snort. At a certain point it just becomes Monopoly money. That just, quite frankly, is never going to be paid. ((Most of it has been covered by donations, yaaaaaay! But I've still got roughly 100k in debt. Drop in the bucket.)) Every cold & flu season? I would go another 50k into debt, because parents send their "it's just a cold" kids to school. Now, I clearly could care less about my credit score at this point, but if your credit score is important to you? Be very wary of medical debt.

- Car accidents = years long battles to get the other person's insurance to pay = substandard medical care until then if you don't have your own insurance to get you through the doors.

Weird to know

- No insurance is better than crap insurance (as long as you don't care about your credit score). Reason being are medical grants & forgiveness.
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I am in the same boat. Lost my job in January where I had a Cadillac plan for very little money per paycheck. I could go to any specialist without a referral for 25.00. Oish! Now I am on the required minimum insurance for 300.00 per month with a 6000 deductible. Basically disaster coverage although it does include a free mammogram and wellness visit. My drugs get a slight reduction in cost but fortunately they're cheap anyway. It is a painful compromise and a sad solution for our country but there was so much resistance to passing this program. I hope it will improve over time.$.6000 is easy to reach in a US hospital.

Anyway, do be mindful of the huge fines you can be slapped with by being uninsured. It may exceed the cost of the annual insurance premium.
And, on the other end of the spectrum, I now have the best insurance I've ever had, at a crazy low price, as long as I don't earn much more money than I did last year. It would be nice if they could find a way to make this work for everyone!
Enjoy that at our expense... we're going up 1200 this year. By all means, don't earn more money.

Frankly if I am mandated by my government to support someone else's medical insurance, I'd rather private pay my mother or even my MIL.
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The ACA (affordable my ass) protocols are affecting my clients who have, by the way , platinum insurance and can afford/have earned it.

Do I expect to get shit for this, sure I do... do I care? Hell no, not this year I don't.
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No insurance is better than crap insurance (as long as you don't care about your credit score). Reason being are medical grants & forgiveness.
Just echoing this. It sounds like, in your case, you could be just fine dropping it. Were something big and/or bad to happen, you'd absolutely need grants or bankruptcy or debt forgiveness. But I'm guessing that having your current insurance during a big/bad event might still leave you up to your neck in debt.

Checking out your state laws is a good idea. I also think, in some states your auto insurance premiums change if you do not have medical insurance....but I'm totally not sure about that. Worth checking on as well.
I have to say, I had a conversation about this yesterday with a fellow former major health insurance carrier employee. I've decided that the gov misnamed the bill. It should be called the Unaffordable Care Act!!!! Because of the state where I live (detest our governor), we did not get any federal dollars for supplemental. I checked the marketplace and found that my Cobra policy was cheaper than anything out there and I was reporting only unemployment as income. The policy that came back was with a no-name company using Aetna's network, was the same price and the benefits sucked. So, I kept my BC/BS policy and my dental policy for the same price but with better benefits - $600/month! Really?!

That's my rant, but with regard to suggestions, many of the major drug companies will send you meds for free. You have to fill out forms and such, but most do have programs. I've also heard of some docs who set up their own mini plans - my dentist does this. That might be an option. Also, there are nonprofits who provide or can help assist you with paying for labs, imaging, appointments, etc... It might take a little research, but I know these services do exist in the part of the state where I live. Also, the churches are very big into helping out too. Mine has an entire division that works with folks in similar situations. At least, they can provide direction to the nonprofits. Just some thoughts.

Sending good vibes your way and hoping you find a better solution for your situation. VB
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