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Fibro The fun filled world of fibro

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Roasted dandelion root tea with some blackstrap molasses and 2 drops of stevia is my new "coffee". Among many other herbal infusions/teas. Valerian root is a favorite for relaxation, along with hops and chamomile. Peppermint, ginger, red clover, stinging nettle, burdock root, tulsi, sarsaparilla, and yellow dock are a few others I really enjoy. Warm lemon water is a favorite soothing sipper, too.
I love those kinds of tea! Right now I'm hooked on celestial seasonings Bengal Spice -- really rich cardomen, clove, cinnamon, etc.
he closest I get to a drink now is an occasional dropper full of a vodka-based tincture or a brandy-based flower essence.
Ya -- I fighting acknowledging this one but I'm starting to notice spikes if I drink red wine ...which I love :(

I've dropped about 40 pounds over the last year using the NOOM app.I really liked how it worked on my brain rather than my stomach, and it made me aware of what I was eating. Now I really see how when I've been eating badly it messes me up.
I also noticed last week that when I'm dissociated I eat constantly! I'm assuming I've always done it but wow. Reality check!
I have had Fibromyalgia for over 12 years. Initially I would have to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees. The pain felt like shards of glass in my muscles.

Since starting on PRISTIQ (Desvenlafaxine), which is slow release, 8 years ago, the pain went away.

I take 100mg AM. Two 50mg coated tablets.

Pristiq is similar to Effexor, both SNRI's but Pristiq is slow release.

I have only had one episode of pain in my wrists during an extreme period of stress since which was mild.

PS I have also not had one panic attack since being on Pristiq.
I'm new to the fibro thing, so I have zero advice.

Be nice if Pristiq had the same effect for me! After 5 years on it (yay for mostly tolerable side effects, no weight gain and help with my SI, so I'm def pro-Pristiq given how many anti-depressants did absolutely squat for me for so long!) we've decided to start weaning off it slowly. Maybe re-try cymbalta or just a completely different class of drugs altogether.

I wouldn't say that it's contributed to me getting fibro (I doubt that very much), and I have no reason to think my Pristiq is making my pain worse, but having spent most of the past 5 years on 300mg a day, it hasn't helped with the pain situation either.

I see my exercise physio again tomorrow (no, my hip isn't any better - my muscles are stretchier, since I've been warming up & stretching out like a pro-gymnast for the last 2 weeks, but the pain is still much the [email protected]) so we'll see what she has to add to the picture.

Seriously, does anyone actually put ice packs on their joints??? Because that one is driving me crazy (it's mid-winter here...just sayin')!

Oh, and having initially written off the epsom salt bath thing - I checked the pack and realised that I was soaking in sea salt, rather than epsom salts:facepalm:
Seriously, does anyone actually put ice packs on their joints??? B
Oh, and having initially written off the epsom salt bath thing -
Ice-packs - I've got the sort that you can shape around things.. and yeah they're bliss even in sub zero temps. The heat/inflammation given off - well ice-packs are the only answer. :) But don't put them on and leave them. On for a few mins then off for several then back on again. Obviously blood flow should be kept optimal.

Epsom salts is useful in some instances but I reckon you might do better with Magnesium flakes. Supermarkets & most chemists have them in the aisles where one finds athletic strapping or arthritis treatments.

I think with the stretching etc., it's sort of the long haul effects that are beneficial. I'm not so sure a couple of weeks will give much back. Keep it up if you can - even if it doesn't directly soothe the fibro it will help your overall physical health. :)
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Since starting on PRISTIQ (Desvenlafaxine), w
Havent heard of it -- I'm looking it up!
I checked the pack and realised that I was soaking in sea salt, rather than epsom salts:facepalm:

as for the ice thing?
I do 20 mins of heat, 20 mins of ice, 20 mins of nothing -- and repeat Works really well
Seriously, does anyone actually put ice packs on their joints???
It is my go to for my back. When the pain pills don't work, and they often don't when the pain is high, I have a huge, bendy ice pack for my back. It always works. I was offered surgery 3 years ago and didn't do it, now I'm trying to make it until I move. Until then, they super ice pack!


I found out recently I was diagnosed with fibro and chronic fatigue years ago . No one told either me or my husband . :( .

I have a couple of other health issues - and these have been raised as possible but never confirmed to me.
I’m not really clear yet what is the impact of these versus the other stuff. I haven’t been able to walk unaided for ( um, not sure - a fortnight? ) apart from some times a few steps to the bathroom and I cannot raise my arms right now. I’m guessing this is fibromyalgia?

So far as I know none of my drugs have been for this so I’ll be reading with real hope that I can be totally independent again . I don’t aim to run again, ride again anything like that - but to reliably take care of myself and my home and my Animals. that’s what I want .
Wondering if anyone can describe the type of pain they get with either fibro or chronic myofascial pain? As I mentioned, I haven't been officially diagnosed, but have been told by a couple people/doctors that I likely have it. I need to find something, as well, to help the pain.
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