Fibro The fun filled world of fibro


Processed foods get me - but also - any kind of ‘over eating’ . As I have over eaten for a few years now it’s not surprising I am sore a lot.

still - there is also some ‘pain’ from missing out . I’ve thought about that a lot in relation to ritualised eating . Particularly at holidays like this time of year . I’m listening to my ‘whole’ need a bit more right now - emotional and physical - and it’s more self limiting than my emotional self, and less limiting than my self critical self that I confuse with physical self.

there are very few ‘bought treat ‘ foods I don’t feel I can go without ever again. I think the main thing is I’m really curious - I like trying new things. I cannot imagine not eating regional food in new places for example.

my wretched hormones have had my body so sore today I’m surprised other people cannot hear the pops and clicks and crepitus and what feels like- but obviously isn’t- ‘creaking ‘ of muscles. I think mainly it’s because I’ve been alone no one has 😂😂😂