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The Next Upgrade 20 / 21

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Further Firewall Tweaks

Anyone on in the last few days would see the online numbers have spiked again. This is some of the issue I have talked about previously, being that it tends to be more useless traffic than legitimate people. Changing all the firewall setup recently, I've had to wait to see what pops from those changes. There is one "good" bot (lets call it that, as its not bad, but its uneccessary and annoying at best and does nothing useful for a website) that was allowed through causing the large spike in online guests. Instead of it reading as a bot, it uses a browser to mimic itself in order to retrieve link profiles that they then sell to marketers as information on who to link to and from. Tends to cause spam and serves no search engine purpose.

That has now been rectified and removed, even though it is good, its useless for our purposes and especially how it does not present itself as a robot (uncounted in our system) and instead as a browser referral, which is just annoying.

So that online number will drop again now, as its pretty aggressive and causes a couple hundred online guests all by itself at the pace it hits the site from unique IP's.
Currently Xenforo is in final release versions, nearly ready for stable release. This means that I expect to have a final version rolled out here in the next month or two. These final release versions are purely fixing the very minor and nit picky aspects before being considered stable.
The new stable version is now live, which means I will begin work on the upgrade over the next week and have it rolled out here. There will be downtime as a result of this, as it contains a new server build to fix some upgrade issues and security aspects, along with allowing ElasticSearch to return making search better and faster.
Registered Member Permissions

By default, a member with 25 or less posts will be a registered member by user group permissions. They will be subject to slower posting, as each post is sent through various anti-spam systems.
  • Post editing is set to 5 minutes.
  • Basic posting, reply and profile submission only.
  • No ability to upload attachments (embeds are not uploaded content).
  • Push notifications enabled.
  • Create and view your own bookmarks.
  • Change username.
First Usergroup Upgrade - 25 Posts. Once you get beyond this post count, the following changes occur to your permissions:
  • Bypass anti-spam checks for faster posting.
  • Can upload attachments up to 10MB.
  • Avatar upload.
  • Profile banner upload.
  • 30 minute editing on content.
Removed third group from prior upgrade.

I am changing sponsor features to purely the additional 24hrs of editing. As such, sponsor positions will now only be $20 per annum. Those with current sponsor placements will have their period extended based on time remaining, which will simply double. If you have 2 months remaining, you will have 4, so forth. I will be cancelling all current subscriptions at the higher rate, thus anyone going forward will have to go through the upgrade process again to accept the current price and terms and conditions of use.
Editor Changes

The editor has been rebuilt from the ground up, thus its now much more intuitive. You can now insert attached images, float them left or right, which will auto wrap the text. I have kept a couple of new additions, being heading and tables. The tables are responsive (sideways scrollable on small screens).

Play around with things in the testing forum to learn how, ask questions via contact us if you require staff help.

The preview is also now inline, thus you can see exactly how your post will look, without reloading anything.

When you quote and other such things, they now render correctly into your content as how they will post, so if you make an error you will see it before posting.
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