Therapist so distant


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Because pretty simply, if you have PTSD you no longer make decisions and assign feelings using your prefrontal cortex. Instead it comes through the Fight or flight part. All that can understand is fear and negativity. So if everything that comes in is bad or angry or panic? Its very possible your PTSD is lying to you by assigning the wrong emotion to things. Thats the lie.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I don’t think that’s the case though she has suddenly become very cold and distant.


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Maybe she has something going on?
She doesn’t have anything going on…

This is what you say to her. It really doesn’t matter what any of us think because that’s a distraction. There is one person who has the information you are seeking—your T. Are they aware that you feel distanced?
Yes she’s aware it’s obvious no one would be happy with such an approach. I guess I’ll have to talk with her again thanks for the reply.


Yes she’s aware it’s obvious no one would be happy with such an approach. I guess I’ll have to talk with her again thanks for the reply.
Two thoughts now.
Maybe time for a new T? Better fit perhaps? Sometimes we just want it to work but it doesn't?

Just guessing.

Also. The only other thing is do you have a hard time feeling or receiving from others right now?

I do sometimes for sure.


I agree with the comments about asking her. You are the client and you have a right to ask and discuss how you feel.
I see a consultant psychologist and we initially had face to face sessions (which is a preferred option) . Therapy came to a natural end and then she moved abroad. She had said i could contact her should i have any problems or needed help. I did get in touch after a period of time and she offered me therapy via online as long as we both found it worked for us … and it has , i never feel her being distant or disinterested- in fact i can tell she works hard to replicate how we worked together when we were in the same room. As we had already built a strong therapeutic relationship i wanted to work with her and try online rather than start again with someone else. When i had a really difficult period she contacted a colleague of hers who is in my country so i had someone i could see that was more local and they worked together to support me.
So , im sharing this as i think online can still work and it would be a shame to loose the relationship you built .. so ask her and try and talk about how you feel.


Don’t know how to go about it but I’ll have to talk to her. Why do you think your therapist did this to you?

i didn't bother trying to talk to them after the second attempt, nor do i care a flying fig why i was treated so badly by people who claim to be professionals. that is not a professional standard i can respect from a safe social distance, much less trust with my most vulnerable spots.

i just moved on. que sera sera.