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This years update

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Help Ticket Conversion

You may get alerts or other notifications that old help messages are created / moved, etc. Disregard, as this is part of a transition to the new forum system.

Edit: Now completed and ready for transition with only new tickets requiring conversion.
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As of right now, I have everything except one addon for staff that helps in moderated content identification. I'm looking into its availability as to whether I will wait or upgrade in the super near future.

Premium Upgrade

Let me preface this with -- paying premium members, DO NOT panic, you will be getting stuff.

Premium membership will be no more after the upgrade. Paying premium members will become Sponsors. Sponsors will get some special stuff, but the usergroup heirarchy will move to a primarily free system, based on post count instead of only being available to a premium group. Most of the features currently restricted to premium members will be available to all members as they progress in post count. They will be grouped accordingly, as you reach x posts, you get x features. Reach the next level, more features.

Sponsors are paying members who will get limited, yet super exclusive, features that will not be available freely. There will never be a lifetime sponsor, in essence, as you must be a paying member of that upgrade to get it.

What are the super exclusive features? Not telling just yet. Once I begin the upgrade I will reset all permissions, start from scratch and rebuild things into the new heirarchy. Once that is done, the exclusive features will be announced, paid premium members will be moved to the sponsors group and premium members will be disbanded as near all features will be freely available.

Please copy all your bookmarked URL's to a diary post, or offline to your device or such, as the upgrade will lose all existing bookmarks, having to create them again.

I know... super annoying. The developer of this feature has done it that way though due to the complexities between this software version and the coming one. They really are nothing alike at their core.
Remember me talking about no more premium, and only sponsored paying members? Well, here is one of those features for those sponsors -- Featured Threads -- where you can feature your public content, or public content you deem super duper worth the attention, and have it listed on the homepage, forum home, forum view, thread view, whats new, articles, and maybe other pages. That is pretty much 95% of content pages.

That is massive for your content to get exposure. It will rotate 8 featured threads of choosing by staff / sponsors. As new is added, old drops off. It will be seen on all devices and adjusts to the device viewed upon.

Big exposure for sponsors.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 7.33.17 pm.png
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Username Change

There will be unlimited access to change as you desire. If abused, it will be removed from your account.
Modified the above to 30 day limit. This reduces some other issues with privacy then. The only people who can see username changes are the user and staff. They will not be displayed for ease of use or such for other users.
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