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Tree Therapy - Nature Helps My PTSD

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Its ok A1... it takes us all time to learn forums and software. Don't worry about it, because if anything sticks out to much, we fix it and edit for you.
Have you hugged a tree Today?

:thumbs-up ALL RIGHT!!!! It's good to know that there's another tree-hugger on this forum:clap: !!!! I did get out this past Monday!!!! I went to my favorite park to enjoy the calming effects...I also took 6 shots of some neat things!!! The last 2 shots were of a pair of fawns that were near the road....I don't know if they will come out as I didn't have time to check my meter for lighting...I am hoping for the best!!! and......I hugged a tree!!!:rofl: It was a "WOW experience to say the least!!! Where I live at is a MAJOR MAJOR source of stress!!! and I need every chance I can get to be at one with the natural world!!!! Out of curiousity....are you a dandylion fan too??? That's my favorite type of flower....as when my son was little he came inside with a dandylion bouquet for his mom!!! When I see them I of course think of him and how precious he is now [at age 29-today] Coming to my mind now is a quote that I once read "Nature never did betray the heart of him who loved her"....I can't remember who that phrase was attributed to.... :smile: people will wonder what you are up to!!!!

Yes, I do love dandelions and I let them grow as they like in my lawn. I also am a gardener - my major source of healing. Dandelion greens in the spring are one of the best tonics and the best solution for those that sprout up in the garden.

Every time I visit the garden I consciously look for the day's miracle. Yesterday it was an enormous black and yellow spider that had built a web. It's very zen.

I thought of you and your post again as I passed the pear tree earlier today. :thumbs-up Should have hugged it, think I'll go do it now!
Question....Dandylion Greens

:dontknow: How do you use the dandylion greens??? and what processes are involved....sounds interesting!!!! Of course I am concerned about actually having to kill the plant entirely....wildfirewildone :crazy-eye

My Mom would cook them just like spinnach, they are very high in vit C more than most fruits. But I hate spinnach so there is no way I would eat it.
You can also eat them raw as a salad. They should be really young and tender, only a few inches tall. And if you want the plant to live, just pick the greens and don't pull the roots. They come back! Just rinse them thoroughly and they're ready!
You can mix the dandelion greens with other salad greens if you like. I prefer olive oil and lemon juice on them or only lemon juice. Keep it simple and healthy!
I am a fan of nature myself. Just a warning though, be careful of trees that have ants or spiders running up and down them. I used to bow hunt and I would get way up in a tree to avoid being detected easily by the deer. I always came across something along the way that I didn't care to be bitten by... and I'm sure that would ruin the whole experience. I know, I know... I'll stop with the public safety announcement. BTW, I no longer hunt now.
My six year old daughter is the same way all of you described your kids to be... it is too temporary of a wonderful feeling.
Sending a shout out to all my tree-hugging peeps out there!! Haha!
I'm Wiccan, so a day with out nature is literally a day without sunshine. It really helps me get out of the black abyss.

Dandilion flowers can also be picked, washed and made into Dandilion Fritters. I used to have a recipe for Dandilion Wine, but I don't drink anymore, but I'm sure a Google search will yeild some interesting recipes!
Lots of nature in this part of the country, Deer, elk, the odd moose, black bear, Grizly, coyote, the odd wolf, cougars, antilope, Hawks, Golden and Bald eagles and more. The cutest thing latly was a whole family of badgers in the front yard, they are like a throw rug with claws and teeth. Lota of beeries( Saskatoons and Goose beeries) Saskatoons are like blue and black beeries mixed together.
I love the outdoors...they just don't love me back (allergies to pollen and stinging insects).

I have this park that I go to on a lake (one of the advantages of living in Winter Haven - you can't go far without hitting a lake) and I just sit there on the swinging bench and feed the ducks and feel the breeze come in off the water.

However, if there is even 1 person there when I pull up, I leave.
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