Sufferer Trying to find other people who developed PTSD from an armed robbery or similar


Hi how are you doing? What are you particularly looking for in someone with similar triggers to sum it up shortly?

I can tell you 1000000% in real life and on this site , I felt like a freak before I joined this site. My therapist said it probably fifteen times to encourage me to a group therapy or forum. I found it to be because now I see. I'm not the only one who feels like a freak. Even when none of us are.
Each trauma is unique even if similar in some ways. And all in all your reaction to it was authentic to you. It's real. It's valid.

We have ptsd in common with all it's varying attributes and degrees. You are in a great spot in joining and I hope you start posting around and can feel comfortable doing so. It's not easy for a lot of us. But I've never felt more at home when I read some posts.

I think you may relate with me on some parts of my trauma. I have a trauma diary titled My Kids under trauma diaries forum. I thought I was gonna die as guns were drawn and weird things were happening. I even asked them "are you here to kill me". And I also thought my whole family life was over with my husband and kids. Given the reality of what was in my living room.



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Hey everyone
Without going in to more details than the title (I would be happy to give more details privately and with trigger warnings) I was involved in an armed robbery five years ago where I fully believed I was going to die. I have been very lucky to reach the point I'm at now, where I am generally happy and my triggers have a much smaller effect on me than they did before, but of course I still have to navigate the world with my PTSD in mind and may well do for the rest of my life. Anyway, I am trying to specifically find people who have gone through a similar thing to me. I've talked to people about PTSD but never found someone who I felt understood the actual trauma. If this is you, or if you know a site I should look on, please message me. Thank you so much and you will all be in my thoughts

Hello! Sorry to hear you've got PTSD from armed robbery. Me too. Its kind of reassuring to hear I'm not alone but I'm sorry you experienced it :(

I was tied up and held hostage at gunpoint for 8 hrs during an armed raid at my home by a gang of about 15 masked men with guns. Obviously very frightening and I genuinely prepared myself to die that night. I survived but have come away with PTSD.

The incident also slammed my childhood back into memory, and long suppressed experiences of abuse and neglect came crashing back, and I was diagnosed with CPTSD from a traumatic childhood.

I found that EMDR helped me a great deal with the childhood stuff, but I still get anxiety and panic attacks at things that trigger my armed robbery memories. Trying to get to sleep the first night in an unfamiliar place (e.g. if on holiday etc) is near impossible.

Feel free to message me if you want to connect. I'm in the UK.


Welcome... I am fairly new here also. Sorry my PTSD is not from an armed robbery but I can understand you feeling isolated related to not finding people with your situation. I feel very isolated by mine (PTSD from being violently attacked three times in 8 months by forensic psychiatric patients) Few people in my field will admit to having PTSD from this type of thing even if they have it. I delayed getting treatment for six months because I work in an atmosphere where you suck it up and just move on. I am getting treatment now and have been trying to find other medical professionals with a similar situation to mine but have not found any yet. I am sorry about your situation and hope you find some others to talk with. I have learned here though that so many of us have very similar symptoms and coping mechanisms regardless of the origin of our PTSD. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.
Hey Cheryl,

Although (I assume) my PTSD is primarily from abuses before I entered clinical practice, I 100% can relate. I have worked for over a decade with individuals exhibiting severe behavioral issues and who are in crisis. I’m working through EMDR and haven’t targeted anything work related yet in my therapy, but I know what it feels like to work in a crisis setting and have to stuff your feelings in the face of very unsettling and dangerous behaviors. You aren’t alone!!