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Aren't poly relationships a lot more complicated than monogamous ones though?

It depends on the culture. In the U.S. it's not common practice, so I think it's more difficult because of societal standards. I recently watched a TEDx and the presenter had been studying polyandry relationships in the District of Humla. It's more common for women to take on multiple partners in marriage than a monogamous one. It's practical, and more financially stable for families. There were other example from other areas, but this one stood out. The overall census was that it worked well and most preferred it. Again, that's what they're accustomed to.

To add to my previous comment, I don't want either relationship. I stated exclusive because that's how I perceive relationships at a default because of growing up in a culture that endorses monogamy. I didn't mean to imply that I preferred a poly relationship. I can hardly live with myself, let alone having other people endure me.


Aren't poly relationships a lot more complicated than monogamous ones though?
Ditto @PlainJane

When I was in the Middle East monogamous relationships were craaaazy complicated (although people allowed for the difficulties new 1:1 marriages made for; Oh! You’re a FIRST wife/ you only have ONE wife?!? You poor thing! Let us help!), whilst polygynous relationships super “simple”. But jump back to the US? And polygynous gets complicated as f*ck, as do polygamous… esp… and polyandrus, and polyamourous.

I THINK because there aren’t societal norms/expectations? So people are making up half baked rules, with no foundation? But IDFK. Truly.

For my own self, it seems like relationship “rules” broke for me, at some point. So it depends almost entirely on the individual(s) involved. A 1:1 marriage being complicated as f*ck, whilst a 7:1 group marriage being ridiculously easy. And vice versa. No way in hell can I even touch the chaos involved in THAT arrangement, but 1:1 is easy as breathing. There’s no… easy example… to follow. It’s all equally hard for ME, so it depends more on the stability of others, guiding me.

To be frank… not at all dissimilar to renting an apartment. Sometimes it IS easy. Other times I’ll be homeless for years because I cannot manage the paperwork involved. When I have enough money in the bank to hire an attorney to BUY the fawking place, I can’t even lease a room in it. Certain “normal” things… are just… impossible. Without a go-between, to manage that bit.
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