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Understand complex ptsd (cptsd)

I have been suffering for over 45 years. I have just read this article and it’s like reading my life story, CTSD does not come up in any conversation with specialists in the U.K., yet again I’m left feeling lost and aware that I’m all of the things listed with no help and no end to this inner pain.
Hi Neal
I'm new on hear and am not sure how to put a thread on.I have been told I have complex PTSD and have some questions to ask as I guess I need to be sure all medical people are right as I don't trust it all.Thanks Ruth
Where does one find an “excellent trauma therapist”? I’ve been looking for years and haven’t been able to find even a good one, much less an excellent one.
It takes a lot of effort, trial and error, research, word of mouth...but, ultimately, connection. Someone can be an amazing trauma therapist but we are all different and connect differently. I found a great trauma therapist...and I wasn’t even looking for a trauma therapist per se...more a therapist who could understand me and be patient with me and be OK with silence, especially when I am trying to process. For me, therapists who feel the need to try to fix everything, focus on the positive when nothing seems positive and positive is the last thing I want to be and I need that to be OK. I don’t want or need to hear, it is great that you are not in crisis that is so great. What? First, how do you know I am not in crisis? But, more importantly, why do I have to be in crisis to deserve help. Anyway, all of that to say, I found a therapist who can give these things to me, with my help, and I am forever grateful. You can find your therapist, too. Don’t give it up!
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