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Military Visiting Marines boot camp with husband to relive memories in August


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Talking doing something in August,visiting where I went to Marines boot camp at.My husband plans to go with me,he wants to see me remember the memories what I went through.One memory is one that would not get out of bed,told her she needed to get up including by 2 others I am good friends with and did not listen.The DI walked in and pushed out of bed.Kept my mouth shut or I was going to hear it when it happened.
Swamps in August??? Granted, I don’t mind the desert in high summer, so maybe you’re the rare kind of person who doesn’t mind the oppressive heat, humidity, and bugs? Bayou bred, maybe? But if not? Might consider a winter trip.

For me’self bootcamp & MCT were a cakewalk. Didn’t do SERE until I’d already had worse. No bad memories for me, in training. Just difficult everything else/ everything associated. Burned all my pictures, uniforms, everything a looooong time ago (although my parents still have a pic of me in dress blues, and misc bits of kit just… show up… in their boxes, every few years. An old pair of boots showed up last year. I had no idea I’d left or mailed back sooooo much stuff, that even 20 years later, it’s still showing up. Like glitter. Impossible to every be fully rid of).

^^^ And I still wouldn’t voluntarily go anywhere near that sweatbox, gorgeous sunrises full of magenta skies with great white birds sweeping over the pale green marshes and all, until the heat broke.

If you have hard memories there, seems like being punched in the gut by the weather, is just making a hard thing harder?