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What Are You Feeling Today? Not Thinking, Rather Feeling! Can You Identify Yours?

What a great thread, you'all have made this. Not that I wish such painful feelings on anyone of us, as certainly I do not. In fact, I found them somewhat difficult to read, what with the reality of some of these feelings. Yet, I will say regardless of trauma it does allow many to identify and know that we're very much alike at times, in this way (emotions) and the most obvious PTSD.

Thank you all for getting this thread started. Also, Seeking Nirvana and Nie thank you as well for adding your felt positive emotions as well. I almost did later too, but they didn't last long enough for me to do so. I had been feeling some competency the other day after much house cleaning and some other accomplishment.

Tonight I feel, stuck, trapped, obligated, powerless and unable to communicate. At least when I can't talk or write about what's bothering me, bc I've tryed already lately and simply cannot, I can mostly simply say how I'm feeling.
I feel anxious, I slept walked last night and answered the phone and dreamed talked to our new guest here at the forum, nonabug, she said I was talking about the red balloon on the shelf. At least I know I dream of good things too.
I finally told her that I was sleeping because she thought I was in a flashback. lol.
I feel racy, like a flashback is coming on.
I feel sleepless, insomnia has winked its ugly eye at me again.
I feel happy, new relationship and a five year old little girl who is precious added in.
I feel happy to help others.
I feel almost normal, today only, day to day since I am born everyday and die every night and have no tomorrows.
I feel content, today.
well since I have a few positives in there, I'm gonna stop on a good note for a change.
okay now today,
eight hours of sleep in the last four days
feeling like a flashback is coming on
understood enough to know my ptsd side effects are not burdening my boyfriend, we laugh at my antics, I let him know when I am agitated, then I make a joke and we laugh.
bitchy without voicing it, except for vile and humorous jokes to blow off steam
just waiting to see if the bomb will fall, and it I do have a flashback, hopefully it won't be what I call a boomer, use of weapons...
glad there is a format called ptsd forum
yup, that's me today