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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

@Friday , my daughter often requests cioppino for her birthday meal, with Grandma’s bread and springtime chiffon cake. Even the kids like the seafood, and if there is something they dont like, they have two parents who would take over. One of them doesnt like mussels. I usually toss in clams and some lobster as well. Maybe not classic, but oh so good. And homemade seafood stock is one of the revelations i had the first time i made it.
I think this must be one of my tastiest wee lunches. I had a bunch of bacon ends that I had gotten while at work, they did not stay frozen all the way home, so I thought maybe to cook them and feeze them so as not to waste them. Got a bagged salad that had lemom parmesan vinaigrette and croutons, some parm shreds included, put some of that that on a plate with a squirt of the included dressing, lightly fried an egg with a few of the cooked bacon bits, topped the salad with that, and a jalapeno stuffed with feta at the side . Small lunch but a pwerful punch of flavour all in a few minutes.
Gyros 🥙

Half of a 5lb bag of frozen KronosBroil gyro meat
Greek flatbread
Chopped tomatoes, onion, romaine lettuce

- Turn oven to 350 flame 400 element… and pop the flatbreads directly on the racks. 2-3 minutes will have them perfectly warm & fluffy. Or zap for 22 seconds each.

- Place frozen meat directly in large skillet, add a few tablespoons of water, and sauté with lid on until meat is reheated (3-5 minutes)

- Use about a quarter to half pound of meat, per gyro, and top with veg & sauce to heart’s delight.
Well the Mexican salmon turned out great so here it goes....

2 6 oz salmon filets.
Season salt, pepper, chili powder. Season the top.
Cook skin side down 7 min until crispy and turn and cook 2 or 3 min.

Vegetable Medley: Corn and red bell pepper blistered on burner
Remove corn from the cob and dice the pepper.
Non stick skillet combine corn, roasted red pepper, scallions, jalapeño, chili peppers, chipotle seasoning for as much heat as you want. I also added fresh pineapple at the end because I'm weird! Don't forget sea salt and taste as you cook.

Lime, cilantro, rice.


Plate as you like. I did the rice down first, then the vegetable medley on top, salmon skin side down and then the chimichurri.
Made some good taco meat from a rump roast. Since I learned how to cut up beef heart I realized I could do that with any cut.

Process: Cut off the white stuff (fat and fascia) then cut across the grain of the muscle fiber. (Roasts are tough and cutting across the grain makes it easier to eat since it’s being cooked a short time.). Then cut into small pieces. Cook in cast iron. Add salt. When it is about halfway done add the seasonings (in my previous post minus the turmeric). When the liquid released from the meat turns into a kind of gravy with the seasonings then it’s done. Adjust salt and pepper. Seriously yummy.

It *is* annoying to cut meat but not too bad and saves you money. I got the rump roast on sale and froze it until ready.
Hitting Trader Joe’s next week for my first time ever. The folks we are staying with have never been, maybe never even heard of it, so it will be an outting!
The quote unquote “orange chicken”, in the freezer section. Because you add the sauce later, it’s badass fried chicken nuggets great plain baked in the oven or with ANY sauce (sweet & sour, buffalo, you name it).