What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

Sounds yum @Friday —thinking I could substitute tomatoes
For sure.

Similarly, leaving things chunky instead of blending, or adding some sautéed summer squashes (crook neck, zucchini) or cactus, or like what I’m doing tomorrow & rolling dividends into a totally different soup (the stuffed pepper one, above <3)

Another common/much beloved variation is adding tomato paste to the pepper base… but I only blend red peppers & tomato paste for curry (even though creamy tomato & red pepper is a super popular soup)… my poor wee brain would probably forget what I was doing halfway through (like driving on autopilot!) and I’d end up with inedible… something. And me all confused about WTF I did wrong?!? 😵‍💫
True that, but my favourite chocolate combo is orange chocolate.Used to know all the orange creme chocolates in the boxes of various confections, and would drive folks crazy because I would not only take them from the upper deck, but I woulsd sneak to the lowere one before the upper layer was finished and fish out my orange creams. Big surprise for the owner of the box, unless it was me, lol!
LMAO… I was always the chocolate covered cherries girl, with the creamy filling, and… swoon. (I did NOT eat yours! They’re ALL MINE!)

But there is serious bliss with lemon-chocolate.

I’d never really had it, before, until I had some dwarf lemon trees & a girlfriend from Trinidad… who changed my life in sooo many ways.
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Have a good amount of lemons and not sure what to do with them. They are Meyer’s so I want to do something involving the peels.

Thinking about Moroccan preserved lemons but I don’t make chicken very often. Also thinking about candied but I still have candied orange peels from last year. Maybe dehydrated but that seems boring. 😑 I can’t be pleased.

What would you do? I have about 10.
Lamb Stuffed Peppers

If I’d been THINKING, I’d have save the au jus from the lamb roast last night to cook the rice in, instead of letting it all be plundered for poisonous gravy (IE I’m allergic to it, rather than an Adam”s Family invite to dinner). NEXT TIME I’ll rescue some of the juices for the rice, and hit it with some red wine.

- Bell Peppers halved lengthwise
- Rice*
- Beef stock
- Onions/celery/bell pepper minced
- Mint/parsley/lemon/frozen cranberries
- Leftover lamb chopped/minced up & frozen (50/50 on whether that keeps it rare)… or raw ground/minced lamb, or lamb & beef.

(Topped with) Cilantro if I’m feeling lazy (yep!) -or- creamy mint/sumac sauce if I’m not -or- splitting the difference, vegan tzatziki.
(Optional) Tomato sauce & olive oil
(Optional) Just because I rarely have them, but they’re amazing, golden raise s added to the meat/veg mix

1. Sauté the rice & veg in large skillet, then add beef stock & herbs & rice
2. Simmer until rice is fully cooked, adding more stock if necessary; like risotto without the stirring!
3. Remove from heat & add frozen (cooked/leftover) meat/ & frozen berries.
3B. If using raw ground/mince lamb, or lamb & beef, sauté with veg & rice.
4. Spoon filling into peppers & squish tight
5. Place peppers into oiled, or tomato sauced, pan or baking dish…and either fridge until ready (up to 48hrs) sauté or broil until peppers are softened / filling is solid / hot through.
6. Serve with cilantro or creamy sauce or both.

* Quinoa, Cous Cous, Toasted Riced Cauliflower, & Wheat all make lovely instead-of-rice options.
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