What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


Boiled eggs ( two) and some salad . ( lemon sorrel and whatever else is around :)

I’ve been having celery juice for breakfast and that stuff is so ridiculously salty when it’s had with no other vegetables that it makes me feel a little over salinated for the day. I do love celery , but the neat juice? It’s a tough one! Next week I’m going to cut it with cucumber and beetroot so I can have some food that has seasoning later in the day 😂.


Got my hands on some frozen Poke tuna (sashimi grade tuna that’s been cubed &/or made up of the bits and pieces left after the filet has been cut for sashimi). Whilst I heart/love/adore Poke? It’s spicy tuna rolls tonight! (Prolly Poke tomorrow 😉)



We are having a really easy comfort recipe from a new cook book by Anna Jones called One pot, one pan , one planet. It’s potatoes Boulangere with lemons sliced in to it. Potatoes are really rare in my house but it’s turned cold - and this feels like a nice cold spring meal and it’s vegan and I’ve been eating more red meat to help keep my iron intake high and I desperately craved a meat free day that was still cosy.


Sounds delish! I am visiting my daughter and family tomorrow, even though we are locked down. As a singleton I am allowed to combine with one other exclusive family. Thank goodness my family likes me. Told the kids to agree upon something for me to cook, and they came up with chili, lol. It is cool here as well, and they don’t like anything crazy in it, no mushrooms, no sweet potatoes, no butternut. Nice easy boring chili. And not too spicy. Going with a bottle of Tapatio in hand, some Fritos, sour cream, and home made jalapeños. Two kinds of corn bread, a loaf of no knead white, and some blueberry muffins. Neither kid likes corn, but they love corn bread. Go figure...


I had leftovers... but made this cheater-notExactly-curry-but-still-WOWZA-curry from Trader Joe’s. ((The only actual curry I like better is butter chicken // this used to be a staple in my diet before the dairy thing)) for others. It’s a long, complicated recipe. I know.

1 box TJ's Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup
1 bag TJ's Frozen Peruvian Style Chimichurri Rice

Add both to skillet, and stir over medHigh heat until simmering. Serve

Bonus points for throwing some coconut yogurt & frozen mango in a blender to drink with. Also not quite a lassi... but still wicked good!


Another one from my new book - fwiw it’s got great vegetarian recipes and I love it - it’s one pot, pan, planet by Anna Jones.

Um- that said I added meat to a recipe in it tonight 😳. My body is saying meat and winter but my mind is saying ‘vegetarian’ and summer so I made her version of Shepard’s pie reducing beans and replacing them half with lamb . It’s so fabulous- it’s full of Asian spice and has sag aloo as a topping ( oh - I messed with that bit of her recipe too - but recipes are guidelines 😂)


^^^ I’m thinking the next time I’m voluntold to make that ^^^ I’m going to cheat a bit, and do up a couple/few pies, instead! 🤣
Okay! So I tried just layering the ingredients into a casserole dish... and what I learned? Don’t do that. They meld in peppers in a way they do NOT in a big ole dish. Still tasted amazing, but the disparate textures were weird.

So my next few experiments =

- Stirring diced poblanos into the polenta & pressing the chopped salsa verde chicken INTO the polenta whilst still hot / before it sets.
- Stirring the poblanos into the chicken, and pouring hot polenta over.

So it’s all one “thing”. That can then be topped with pico de Gallo and sauce. Rather than 3 totally different layers that slide away from each other.

- to do it in a pie plate, to cut wedges out & top
- to do it in ramekins / muffin tins

- to do it “right side up” like peppers with polenta on bottom
- upside down like shepherds pie with polenta on top


Tonight’s foodable-experiment = “buttermilk” fried chicken (& pickles!).

coconut milk + splash apple cider vinegar, let sit until it foams
Marinate bone in chicken thighs for a few hours
Panko > Tempura Batter > Panko
Air Fryer

(I’ve never used an air fryer before! So it’s a double experiment.)

I rather expect that I’ll need to play around with seasonings (in the “buttermilk”? In the panko? Would beer batter tempura be better than straight tempura? Ich Weiss Nicht.

I just reeeeeeeally want chicken & pickles!!! And my sister has an air fryer. So we’ll see. It saves me deboning the chicken to tempura fry it outside, and even if the chicken is bland/boring? It’s still freaking chicken. ((If you like hot sauce or mustard? You’ll never go hungry! 😉))

Chicken&Pickles Chicken&Pickles Chicken&Pickles OMFG.


@Friday - I really want an air fryer it we don’t deep fry food very often ( literally once a year) so it seems a waste? I just really love the idea of it ! I think they look like superb kitchen kit and I generally dislike extra gadgets .

We are just having boiled eggs I think tonight - some applesauce and yogurt too if DH can find any in the freezer :)