What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


It’s some pseudo-egg substitute business that does an amazing job at eggy-texture stuff -like scrambles, omelettes, quiches, & strata- that isn’t better done by aquafaba or Bob’s Redmill egg substitute (both of which are baking stars).

My egg allergy is reeeeeally mild, so I save the reaction for immunizations, since it’s mild but increasing (lowest level of anaphylaxis, swelling but no impairment of the airway, and it will self resolve in about 3 days). Since my dairy & watermelon allergies are lethal, at this point, it just seems prudent to save the egg thing for life saving meds. But man, oh man, do I MISS deviled eggs. And, until now, crepes.

JUST Mayo, with green peppercorn brine added, is as good as Hellman’s/BestFoods. Without the brine, it’s still one of the best vegan mayos out there. But with it, it’s amaaaaazing.


@Friday Food allergies are such a pain for those with them. But good for me to know products for visitors/ allergy folks. I don’t know if we have “Just” products here, I bet Whole Paycheck would if anyone does. My daughter is a vegetarian, well, mostly, some vegain tendencies, also a bit of bald eagle in her as she has succumbed to the call of seafood occasionally. Blame Croatia, they ate by the docks while visiting and seafood was hauled out fresh and cooked right then and there.


Scored some 99cent per pound chicken on a long drive today (10 hours, or so; local price 6.99-12.99) ... so it’s <woot!> BAKED BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS on the menu.

Super easy... just a bit tedious. Best started the night before, or morning of, to give the wings time to get cold in the fridge so the bake that makes them deep fried crispy on the outside doesn’t overlook them inside.

- steam the wings until 180F / 80C (they’re scary white blobs at this point. Don’t be put off. They get better tomorrow.)
- cool
- joint into 3 pieces : drummette, double bone, & the tip to be saved for stock or tipped in the bin. <<< Can be done raw/before steaming, but it’s easier after they’re cooked.
- Stick in the fridge overnight or for the rest of the day to cold up
- Bake cold wings at 400F / 200C until skin goldens as they fry in their own fat <<< Already cooked the night before, it’s just rendering the fat & crisping the skin. Meat will warm up and glossy as a byproduct.
- Lil bit o’salt
- Toss with buffalo sauce to coat (or serve “naked” with sauce on the side)
- serve w/ celery sticks & cool ranch, or creamy Bleu cheese dressing*

* I’m trying out this creamy walnut herb dip, minus the maple syrup. I’ll either add sugar or agave. Maple syrup belongs on pancakes. And sausage. Not IN stuff. Makes me feel like I’ve got a coolant leak and need to get my car fixed when there’s maple syrup flavoring things. Ick. Nope! Pass. But otherwise? I use cashew cream in so many things, I’m excited to try something a bit different. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings with Walnut Herb Dip - California Walnuts
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Cheating version of ajo blanco

instead of soaking almonds over night I used ground almonds and water and blended with ice for speeding the ‘chilled’

no idea of measurements but -
Some ground almonds ( about 3/4 cup) , a handful of breadcrumbs from the freezer, a teaspoon of Sherry vinegar, a dash of extra Virgin olive oil, a green apple ( cored but not peeled) a couple of cloves of garlic , ice and water and blended till smooth. A small handful of grapes halved on top of each BIG bowl .

better than gazpacho - and that’s hard to beat. ( I also made and froze a batch of gazpacho)


We made an actual whole almost civilised meal. We had wine with nuts while cooking , then pulled some of the gazpacho i made yesterday out of the fridge to have as a primo, then um - a chicken burger 😂, but with beautiful slaw and salads , And we are taking a break before clafoutis for dessert ( but I’m only having a taste because I’m pretty darn satisfied.
Guess what, mee?! Eat a nice unrushed meal, with a healthy starter and it’s enough.