What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)


This is a no-recipe-recipe. Because I made the mistake of cooking something I’ve never made before… whilst at LEAST 6 sheets to the wind. I do know that there is apricot jam??? And, yeah. Wooster-sheer-shire-sure-shawce may have made an appearance. Or taken the stage like a hippo. I don’t know. I’m just here sort of tilting my head and looking at something that DOES sorta kinda smell like apricot chicken? I think? I can’t quite bring myself to cook it. I WILL, certainly. Soon, even. Soon-ish. I would really just like to recall WTF I put in it, last night. The world may never know.


White Bean Chili w Chicken

- Onion, chopped
- Garlic, minced
- Olive Oil
- Fire roasted poblanos, chopped
- Culantro Recaitro
- Salsa Verde
- Chicken*
- Chicken Stock (or light beer)to just barely cover
- White Beans (Navy, Northern, Butter, Small White, & Cannelini)
- Cumin (a rather alarming amount, IMO. But it IS chili’s hallmark)
- Salt & Pepper

(Opt) Any/all kinds of toppings one might desire; bacon, tomato, sour cream, shredded cheese, cilantro, hot sauce, salsa fresca, etc. Heck, TheKiddo is pretty notorious for “topping” his by floating a couple/few jalapeño poppers. I think that’s cheating a smidge, but not in a bad way. Just in a “I’m not cooking poppers, in addition to cooking chili, cholo. You want them? You make them.” But if’n I were entering a Chili contest? Cha. A couple lime wedges w/ Bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers would be sublime, and deep fried & breaded wouldn’t be half bad.

* For chicken I usually prefer leftover BBQ chicken, shredded. For this one, I just baked off some thighs, and pulled the meat off to shred in the chili. Ground chicken, rotisserie chicken, etc. also all works just fine.

** Vegan (works just fine)… As do the vegan options of skipping the chicken altogether and using veggie stock (or beer) instead of chicken stock, and topping with veg & colorful fried tortilla strips.

METHOD (so complicated 😉)

Ring olive oil around the pot, with a high flame, & sauté the onions, garlic, and peppers. Add everything else. Bring to a boil & Simmer for an hour or longer. Serve with or without toppings.
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Dr Jekyll title: Simple Garlic Soup ☺️
Mr Hyde title: Pink Lautrec Garlic Soup with Poached Cod in Star-Anised Perfumed Milk, Fried Slices of Bread and its Unique Fried Parsley Tail. 😈

I’ll never read anything signed by Ducasse anymore.

Serves 3 (recipe states 4, but I don’t agree with this)

48 hours before, take your cod 400g and with a little brush, bring all the salt you can so you can use it later. The recipe refers to this interesting and very long operation by just writing "cod salt". When you finished upcycling all the cod salt you could, place the fish in a basin with water and let it unsalt, changing the water every 6 hours. It’s important to do it minute-precisely, otherwise your fridge is going to explode. Ideally, you should change the water during the night and in the dark because cods don’t like to be waken up.

So, start with your chicken stock. In principle, you’re supposed to do it half veal stock, half chicken stock, but f*ck that shit. Chicken stock.

One carrot, six chicken wings, one onion spiked with cloves, 2 branches of celery, one small leek, all united to form a nice chicken stock. Place in approx two liters of cold water, like "generously covered" light the fire and from the moment it starts to boil, which takes a certain time, count at least one hour. It’s important to cover generously otherwise you’ll be frustrated because the recipe already isn’t much and I’ve been inflating all the quantities and 4 servings barely served 3. Go.

Meanwhile, start peeling 6 garlic heads. Yes, heads, not cloves. Try to go fast. And to find Lautrec’s ones. Otherwise the pan will explode. Remove the germination, otherwise it’s your kitchen that explodes. Yes, also the new oven. Set aside.

Once this is done, cut 100 grams of potatoes (it’s a rather small potato. Yes, just one). Cut 75g of salted, not smoked, bacon or equivalent. Recipe says 50g, but just take a good slice, I’m not afraid to die. Chop 1 small onion.

Prepare 1L of milk in a next-to simmer temperature with 3 star anise thingies. They say 2, I preferred 3.

By then, your stock should be fine. Pass the whole thing through a sieve in another pan to keep the broth. Keep your chicken and vegetables to do something else another day.

2 alternatives: you can unsalt the bacon before starting by placing it in cold water and then making it boil then remove the water and start to cook it with a bit of oil. I say: bleh. I’m just going to cook it. Once it’s golden, pour your small onion and let it sweat around. Once that’s done, high the fire and wait a bit, then blash your broth over it and wait for it to boil. On the moment it’s boiling, pour your potatoes and garlic in, as well with parsley tails bound together, one tall branch of thyme and a single bay leave that will never find her mate. Cover.

Place your timer on 25 minutes. No, it won’t finish in 15 minutes unfortunately.

If you like décor, this should be the moment you fry your parsley and set it aside. Beware, it looks simple but it’s a pain in the ass. If you don’t do it you still can do it later but stuff will get cold, but you can also not doing it at all and drink something or read a book or better, quickly wash the pans you already dirtied. When you see you’re approaching the 25 minutes hit, raise the fire of the milk so it starts to boil.

At the 25 minutes hit, place the bits of cod in the milk and let it poach for 5 minutes. Remove it, set it aside in a nice small glass plate that you cover so it carries on cooking in its own vapor for more 15 minutes.

Now we’re reaching the end. Find 4 nice fresh eggs and place the yolks at the bottom of nice bowls.

When the 15 minutes hit, pluck the herbs out and mix the soup. Recipe says to pluck the bacon too but I said, f*ck that shit, I’m mixing all together. Mix what you decided to mix. Don’t forget that you’re on time and that any more time mixed should change the moment you boil your cod. Anyway. Keep mixing.

When it seems alright filter the thing so you remove a sort of awful paste and keep a beautiful light brown soup.

Take your cod, artistically drop it in your plate and then pour the soup, trying not to make it splatter everywhere and also making the composition look pretty.

Remember the cod salt? Salt it with the cod salt. Pepper. Take a single plush of fried parsley and use it as a brilliant décor on the top of this work of art. Hint. Just use more fried parsley. You already made the effort and it’s really nice, so go ahead.

The original recipe goes with fried bread but I just put toasts.

That’s all folks. You can drink the cod milk the day after. It’s quite nice.


@ruborcoraxxx don’t think I’ve laughed so much throughout a single post in a long time! I’m calling the recipe “f*ck that sh*t garlic soup”. Also, if I recall correctly doesn’t that soup have a garnish of cocks combs and truffles? 😉


Fried Bread w/ Mushroom, Onions, & Green Peppers w/ au jus (or browned butter mushroom juice ).

This was an I WANT STEAK 🥩 craaaving… with no beef in the house

Fried Bread
- Baguette cut into sandwich sized pieces & halved, or thick crusty bread of any kind.
- Olive Oil
- Cracked pepper

- Mushrooms (whatever suits) sliced thin
- White onion sliced thin
- Green peppers sliced thin

(LAST : Takes about 2 minutes)
Pour a rather large pool of olive oil on paper plate, or directly into the sauté pan, and press the cut side into it, so a thinnish layer is completely soaked up. Fry until golden brown & crispy on the cut side. Crack fresh pepper over.

(BEFORE THAT, takes 5-20min depending)
- Sauté peppers & onions until translucent -or charred/caramelised- & set aside.
- Sauté (covered to keep juices in the pan) mushrooms in olive oil (or browned butter) with garlic salt & a teeny splash of water to kick off the juicing. Reserve to add to au jus, or to use as au jus.
- Heat up beef broth, beef & mushroom, or mushroom juice and serve in a dunking sized bowl.


This was last night - but it was really good!
I softened a sofritto, for about ten minutes , then added a handful of cherry tomatoes, a couple of well minced cloves of garlic, some oregano , and a can of berlotti beans that had some grains in the tin - barley and something else - two veg stock cubes and water - simmered for twenty minutes- added basil and it was SO good. Filling but fresh and fragrant and big bowls so not enough tummy space for bread . The beans and grains made it super substantial but the broth kept it ‘end of summer’ feeling .



I want warm gingerbread dripping with melted butter & spiced wine soooo badly, right now!

Some cold smoked salmon would also go a treat. With something cool, creamy, & herby. 🌿
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