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What are you having for dinner? (wanna share your recipe?)

This pairs superbly with pork, especially on pulled pork sandwiches. It plays well with any barbecue though. For apples use Granny Smith. You need something firm that will stand up well to being coated in hot dressing and Granny Smiths are right for the job

Apple Cabbage Slaw

1 medium head green cabbage cored and chopped fine (12-14 cups)
2 Granny Smith apples. Cored and cut into thin matchsticks. Cut 1/4" planks and then on the flat cut to matchsticks.
2 Scallions sliced thin
1/2 cup cider vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
6 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 Tablespoon Dijon
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes.

1. Toss the cabage with 1 1/2 teaspoons salt and put in a bowl let stand until wilted, about 1 hour. Rinse well with cold water, then drain and dry well with paper towels, transfer to large bown and mix with apples and scallions.

2. Bring suagar vinegar oil mustard and red pepper flakes to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Pour the hot mixture over the over the cabbage and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate until cold - about 1 hour, or up to one day. (I love make ahead) If refrigerated more than 2 hours let sit at room temp 15 min. before serving
Season with salt and pepper before serving.
Just slow cooked a chuck it whatever you have in pasta bake.

2 chopped onions
2 chopped peppers - passed their best!
1 bag of vegan mince (meat eaters can use normal mince / ground beef)
I jar of red lasagne sauce
1/2 bag of dried pasta
Extra water to rinse the jar

Slow cooked it for 4 hours! Delicious.
I’m debating between

- Hawaiian chicken meatballs (ground chicken thighs, crushed pineapple, green onions, ginger, teriyaki, Panko, Bob’s Redmill Egg Replacer, salt & white pepper to taste) kebab’d up with red & green bell peppers and pineapple chunks, and grilled (or baked at 475F 245C), or both… baking off the meatballs & chilling in fridge until ready to stabby stabby burn…then skewering with peppers & pineapple just to give them a nice char & warm up on the grill).


- Firecracker chicken meatballs. (Ground chicken thighs, grated onion, crushed garlic, Panko, Bob’s Redmill Egg Replacer, chicken glaze, salt & white pepper… baked at 475 // 245… tossed in firecracker sauce.

I’ll prolly keep debating until I just drink a v8 and go to bed 😉
LMFAO… I got AMBUSHED on my way to bed, V8 in hand, and was voluntold to cook dinner for everyone.

Meatballs can be for tomorrow. If I can thinky-deciderize by then. 🤠

Threw some kielbasa at the fire, grilled some onions, sliced some apples and sprinkled over cinnamon, and set out the mustard. Voila. Done. I can’t eat it, but it only took me 10 min (and no theeeeeenking!) to sort everyone else out.

I’ll take firecracker sauce for $200, Alex….what is in it?
There’s something like 5 zillion recipes online for it, all wildly different, most looking delish… half a dozen of which I’d really like to try sometime… but? I’m just going to cheat and add sriracha & honey to some Trader Joe’s Sweet Thai Chili Sauce. 😎 <<< For firecracker sandwiches, though? I’ll add some BBQ sauce to the above robust it up. For chicken meatballs I wanna keep it lighter, like boom boom shrimp.
Yummo! No Trader Joes up here sadly, on my next foray south I am making it a mission to check one out.
They’re kind of Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-esque… half the store costs $3 and STILL I end up dropping a hundred at the register?!? Now waaaaaait a minute!!! 🤣

Their frozen aisle is a thing of beauty, 99cent pasta made in Italy is the best I’ve had outside of that country (and the thinner than Angel hair cappelini makes amaaaaazing Chinese stirfry), boxed soups are divine (fire roasted red pepper & tomato, over frozen chimichurri rice in a skillet = 5 minutes to holy WOW! How is this not Indian curry for $20?), and Three Buck Chuck (house wine) makes a delightful sangria.

Whilst they’re constantly rotating through about 25% of their stock with new things, and only some things staying on for years… Covid has reversed that; about 75% of old faves are gone. Fortunately? (Frozen) Orange Chicken survived the culling. I don’t use the sauce most of the time, and just bake and use in… everything.
Cabbage and hot dogs, aka all those veggies I bought for stir fry spoiled except for the cabbage because it turns out that chopping vegetables is a bit too much of a chore for me when arriving home from work.

Basically just chop up cabbage and onions, cook in favorite fat, add sliced hot dogs, season with salt pepper and garlic powder. I ate with rice. Not bad! Cabbage is velvety. Recipe called for butter, I used a combo of lard and bacon fat because I have no butter and I thought those would give a better flavor than avocado or olive oil, and I could use them up. Something satisfying about using up the last of something particularly prior to shopping day in two days. I’m rambling. Belly feels full.
Redemption Sauce!

(I have Bob Marley singing in my head over this. A bit dramatic, maybe, but fun to dance/cook to. If people come home I should prolly turn the radio on. P)

A side benefit of trauma processing…

I haven’t made my ragu or ragu bolognese since my skull was fractured back in 2011. I’ve tried, but I never wrote down my recipes, and I lost a whole lot of procedural memory. Mostly related to numbers and things that require an order to them (driving directions, recipes, how rotary engines work & how to fix them; first this, then this, then that; if A then B, if B then C or D. If ABC then never D or E but …FML).

So I’m working on timeline shit the other day and BAM! This recipe drops right into my head. It’s super simple, it just takes a loooooong time. Technically 3 days, but as day 1 is essentially “Make tomato paste”? And I have cans of the stuff rather than hundreds of kilos of tomatoes to process? f*ck Day 1. We’re opening a can! 🤣

Day 1 - Tomato paste, strained tomatoes, & chopped tomatoes…oh my!

Day 2 - Sauté (in olive oil) finely chopped/diced Mirepoix, red bell peppers, & garlic until translucent. Add ^toms^, dry red wine, finely chopped fresh or dried pasta herbs, a marrow bone*, salt/pepper, and water as necessary to simmer until veg melt away entirely. Feel free to use an immersion blender or Chinese hat. The smaller the pieces, the faster they melt away, the more they meld. Also feel free to skip and just let simmer for 24hrs or longer.

Day 3 -

A) lightly dust ground meat with corn or potato starch, salt&papper, and simmer for at least 3 hours, up to apx 12 hours. Taste & Adjust for seasoning. <<< If desiring a “chunky” or garden fresh sauce, sauté rough chopped veg (ANY veg, including all mushrooms except truffles, which should be shaved over each persons plate fresh) until translucent and add in the last few hours. Alternatively, primavera-style it, and place freshly sautéed veg on top of sauced pasta, befor (if adding) cheese &/or herb garnish.

* Vegetarian, skip marrow bone, & use Parmesan rind
* Pescatarian, skip the marrow bone & use anchovy paste.
* Vegan = I don’t remember. There’s a way to do it achieving depth and complexity that’s just out of reach in my mind.

Serve over fresh pasta, or bread w/creamy sauce, or cool & freeze or ‘can’ (aeseptic jarring, like jam). Or all 3. Serve now, freeze for later, jar for much later.

I am very possibly forgetting stuff, here, that I’ll recall as I’m making it (why did I just reach for red pepper flakes?!? Oh. Right. Forgot.) I’ll come back and add things that magically appear in the pot or my hands as muscle memory overtakes procedural memory (and kicks it’s ass!).


* Pasta Herbs I usually buy by the sackload in Rome, (a kilo is apx 2€, one uses whole handfuls in large meals, and pinches that take up half an American spice/herb jar, for more intimate or solo dining); but I haven’t been to Rome in years. Amongst other things? Pasta herbs have red pepper flakes.THAT’s why it magically appeared in my hand!
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We recently had some roasted tomatoes at an Amish buffet here in Pennsylvania.

I started making my own and we eat them with eggs, toast and as a side dish. We just love them with everything.

So this wont be perfect. I don't measure things and I didn't time anything. There are lots of recipes online too if anyone wants a better recipe.

A pound of Campari tomatoes
Garlic powder or fresh (whatever I have)
Dried Oregano
Dried red pepper if I want them spicy
Olive oil

Combine everything. Oven at 350 F and I bake until the tomatoes are breaking down and falling in on themselves. Normally about 25 minutes.

I will add herbs at the end if I have any on hand.

Comfort pickles! Deep fried with Murphy's Irish Stout.