what's your most annoying triggers?


Being told I’m loved- or sometimes as little as being cared about by anyone other than my husband. And therapist. It immeadiately leads me to both devalue myself and distrust the person - what are they trying to pull? And that’s so unfair both on people who care about me and on myself. Yet people say this so Casually and insincerely - one can love and care about people as a whole but not ‘me’ unless you really know me. otoh it doesn’t bother me at all that people ‘love’ chocolate etc - boy, you can know stuff and love it ! And stuff doesn’t deceive you or hurt you! It just is what it is !

Thinking about this - because my list would be longish - I think my most annoying triggers are the complex triggers that might have more than one source of origin thus seem more ‘cemented in truth’.

Simple triggers like an object or a sound are much easier to expose to and resolve. I have found most of them are either just unpleasant or easily moved past - a couple just fo not even land I. Any way negatively at all any more and aren’t triggers - they might prompt ‘memory’ that’s sad/ unfortunate but not ‘trigger’ what I think of as a PTSD reaction - and I can also see some items that used to hold pleasure as pleasurable again.

complex things like environment and language, body language and culture that cannot as easily be dealt with by simple exposure , And recognition as ‘harmless’ - those - maybe an answer is the ones I don’t see resolve to . ?