When vulnerability releases


I really hope this will make sense. I have been in trauma therapy for a long time. I have many "parts" that exist within (did). And they are all different from each other - some outgoing, some young, some not so nice, one evil, and lost goes on. We like our therapist and she helps us a lot despite being a very slow process.
After many many years one of my most difficult part revealed something that she's never told anyone. We're ashamed, confused, lonely, fearful of needing too much and then we either distanced ourselves or gently encouraged to trust ourselves so it was us judging ourselves and not our t. But we are very nervous about meeting her next time. We want to hide, look at the floor never making eye contact. To ashamed to see her despite the support she gives us.
Had or does anyone have a similar situation? Panic attacks are happening, intrusive thoughts, sadness. Just a lot since they never talked to anyone about whats happening inside. Or had no way to communicate it.
Do you think that the anxiety may be because your T is having you face and discuss uncomfortable issues? Brining up emotions/memories that are difficult to face?
Firstly, amazing step that this part shared something so deep. That is massive progress.

and totally and utterly understandable there is now this worry about what happens next. Therapy is so intimate. Wanting to hide after such an important expression for me seems utterly logical.

and am amazing opportunity for healing. Because T is going to meet you with care, understanding, respect, compassion. And that part of you that wants to hide is going to feel so cared for, and learn that they matter.

Is there a way of communicating with that part to reassure them?

Whether they are able to make eye contact or not, are You able to express to T what you have here?

as hard as the panic attacks and intrusive thoughts are now, this is a wonderful moment for healing. Is there a way of believing that in one or more parts?