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wish I could stop having dreams of my mother's abuse



night after night, and then after, waking up checking my body for fresh bruises (which I admit is hard, when my body is all ready covered in them!)

it seems I never dream about anything else

- my mum punches me

- she is about to punch me

- she pushes me

-she kicks me in the stomach

-she burns me

I've been wondering why I'm always so tired in the mornings, and now I know waking up with all this going on
Have you tried looking in the ARTICLES section. I find it helpful with repeat event replays. You have to find a way of moving on,
I feel your pain. My abuser has been dead for three or so years now and still haunts my dreams every night. I don't have an answer to cure these persistent dreams, but I am sorry that you are experiencing them and hope you find relief soon.
You should have been loved and cared for. I am sorry. You can reparent yourself. You are precious. I know our brain is wired differently because of the abuse and we failed to see this. Your life is precious. Fight for healing!