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News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

Still in lockdown-lite here. My area could have the restrictions loosened soon, there is one area near me that is pretty badly affected & there are rumours that they will go into a more stringent lockdown.

Pockets of people flaunting the rules, nothing of note near me, but there's definitely still people doing things they ought not to be!
There are now traffic jams back here in Orlando so it's getting back to normal. Many more people on the road.

ETA: I'm still working from home. I predict that I will be for the rest of the year but no word yet. No one knows yet when we'll be recalled back into the office. We will be eventually but no word yet on when.
when nursing homes are still locked down?

no idea where u r or what lockdown in your area means but...... maybe also visitors. old ppl still need to see doctors. get hair cuts. pedicures.

groceries still need to be delivered.
laundry still needs to be done.
dry cleaning

repair people

home health visits

pharmacy pick up- deliveries

etc etc etc
Still no gatherings with over 50 people are allowed here in Sweden, restrictions in the senior high school, universities and colleges with mostly online-classes even though a few can take place irl. The amount of people in the subways and on buses and trains are significantly lower than normally. Nursing-homes are still closed for visitors. People meet their elderly relatives outside. But Sweden has few actual restrictions but more recommendations most people actually follow.

The gym was 95% empty until 1,5 week ago (but in the woods and everywhere outdoors there were people everywhere from April up to now) when it suddenly was swamped with people again?? I will only go there very early mornings in the future.

The amount of new cases every day are steadily low since July.
I hope I am not going off subject-but our current president sucks. He let the entire pandemic team go before this virus. Now we are getting inconsistant information regularly. Some schools are open, some on-line. My state is using a red, yellow, green sign by county- which changes daily. He is talking about everything else in his campaign, playing on sympathy as if he has any empathy. I am so disgusted and discouraged because if he gets re-elected, I know the deaths will multiply. I know we are the laughing stocks of the world right now about many things, but the pandemic is the most concerning. I want to see my family again. My family, we keep doing our part wearing masks and social distancing but not good
Yes the greatly touted plasma therapy treatment is not anywhere near as helpful as they are saying. I'm shocked and appalled at the amount of disinformation that is coming out about covid. Goddess help us, I hope we are able to fix things. I'm working hard to set up this homestead so I can grow food in case the covid and flu season causes another foul up in food distribution. Right now I'm giving away all my fresh eggs to the food bank to help feed our community. It's a tiny contribution, but it helps me feel like I have some control over circumstances.
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