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News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

A good friend of mine has been minimizing the risks of covid since the beginning. Over time, she keeps telling a little more each time. She says she doesn't like our current US president...but she has talked of 5G towers, fear of vaccine changing our DNA and tracking us, child trafficking, banking stuff. What it all adds up to is QAnon but I have not come out and pointed that out to her.

I just saw on a news station that a QAnon follower was convicted that children were being held in a pizza shop basement and came into save them (I think with a gun), and is now in jail for 5 yrs. Said the guy was puzzled that there were no kids there. This is getting really dangerous. People that are believing this covid was created in connection with a much bigger plan that includes all kind of things.
Yep - tens of thousands of bikers from all over the US at a huge 10 day rally. Then they will head back home to infect everyone around them, but they say it's worth it
Ironically, I know a few vets in % clubs... they usually go & aren't, this year.

“Last thing we need, with the cops & feds all distracted, and the so called “good citizens” making life easy, is to go and get sick!” And then somehing about yuppies/sheeple, circle jerks, & good riddance. Cough.
Said the guy was puzzled that there were no kids there.
This is the worst part of conspiracy theories. People get pulled into the drama and lies and think they are going to "help." And you can't reason with them because you can't prove a negative. If they think kids are in trouble they will find whatever they need to back up their beliefs and act on them

That's when things end badly.
Well I think I have heard it all, and HC was mentioned, in that she was part of child sex trafficking and drinking the blood of children. All coming from this one friend, but when I look around, many are saying parts of what she claims but she has fully warned me and shared all her beliefs. I feel so bad for her because I know she believes all of this. To just tell her it is not true-well she just thinks we are stupid and will be unprepared. She says there are underground tunnels with kids. Chemtrails were poisoning us before she got on to all of this...now its so much worse. She believes the current president has this secret information and is working to save us all. The banks will be changing hands and something to do with Rothchilds that have been in control. She has an answer for everything. She refers to issues as "they" and my other friend asked her who they are and she wouldn't really say but has told me before it is the cobal? You won't find it in the news, have to look for it. Problem is not one person....there are tons of people following this stuff and believing it. They are interfering with legitimate child trafficking rings and other problems. This is so sad. If anyone has any suggestions of how to deal with this I would welcome them. I just don't want to isolate her. She does that on her own at times. These are really dangerous beliefs.
Honestly? Check out the WIKILEAKS proof, Judial Watch's honest and independent work on the HC court proceedings. The Flynn case with the amazing Sydney Powell at the helm, the Weiner laptop contents, Hilary's Foundation activities, her sidekick Huma Abebin's Moslem Brotherhood ties, the Hiati/Clinton's scandal, Bill's ties with Epstein and "the island" etc etc etc. Are you people blind or just ignorant?

Have you seen the "art" from said Pizza shop? Or James Alfantis' (owner of said Pizza shop, who's name, incidently means James I love infants, in French, but he's actually a Rochschild ) Twitter feeds? How 'bout look up John Podesta's WIKILEAKS emails, or Obama's WIKILEAKS "pizza related emails. Or "Spirit Cooking" or "Adrenochrome,"

Honestly, you people amaze me with your uninformed wishing thinking. I WISH there was nothing to it, I REALLY DO. But, sadly, there is all too much compelling evidence that lends doubt to your "theory" that is is simply crazy "conspiracy theory". Believe me, I'm a very grounded and investigative person and I don't buy into rumour and innuendo, I analyse data and the data is thick on the ground, of what you all are poo pooing.
They're being very cautious in the circles I move in, despite no active community transmission. Nan's nursing home gets locked down regularly for short periods, there's lots of forms to sign, you have to have had your flu shot for the year.

Many stores have sanitizer at the entry with a sign to please use it before entry. They're taking temperatures and cross-checking against old hotspots when you enter the hospital.

It's small inconveniences only here, really. For now. And I'm reckoning that's our new normal till vaccines are widely available. Lots of social distancing requirements, things opening up, or closing down, depending on transmission rates. Serious lockdowns are something we want to avoid, so atm, those small inconveniences are definitely worth it.

Our unemployment rate took a huge hit with the first wave. Would be good to avoid too much further widespread economic hardship. And I have to say, I appreciate having a local hospital that has enough staff and resources to see me and my loved ones if we ever need to go there - which is the big thing we're protecting. There's only so many ventilators to go round, and a finite number of staff that know how to care for someone on a ventilator.
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