News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

ms spock

Thank you. My therapist of 15 years first got sick in Jan and somewhere in one of his hospital stays he picked up coronavirus. He is one of those "long-haulers." - he's been sick for months, his illness dipped and rebounded just as I've heard from others and read in the media.
Gosh that's tough, it came home to you quite quickly.

It's weird to watch events play out in neighborhoods that I've lived in and around, in the past,
That would be eerie.

Can you also focus where you are right now?

Take time out from watching news?

I limit my exposure.

Too many of the videos from nyc and philly that they put onto national news, are places I've lived or places I've spent a lot of time in.
That would be so hard.

I am doing grounding at the moment. Can you do something like that ground yourself out of being in the past?

This sounds stupid but my favorite famous landmark nyc bookstore, the Strand, was quite close to being looted. "Oh the bookstore is safe!" and .. It just emphasizes how events are a little skewed to each and every person.
I was in hospital for 5 hours last night, wearing a mask, it causes different folks varied stresses.

I am glad your book store is okay, what good things do you have where you are now?

It is good that I am not stranded alone in a crowded city, but at the same time feeling a little guilty, thinking I should be physically present with others to witness the pain of my places in person and not just via news recaps.
It's hard.

But it does not help for you to feel guilty, but I know what you feel. I am lucky to be on acres and wish everyone have what I have.

I am listening to David Burns' podcasts - "what you think about is what you feel". I have OCD thinking so I have to jump on it quickly or I ruminate. His book on distorted cognitions is good. The podcasts distract and disrupt my ruminations.

I am reading "Healing Developmental Trauma" which is really helping with understanding my challenges. That's the bottom up approach (with some top down approaches).

I can't believe my thoughts. I also can't believe my feelings. It feels true but is not real, what I feel in terms of pathological shame and badness and guilt.

I feel for all these people who are forced to leave their homes, the places they've built for themselves, for ANY reason, including coronavirus.
With our fires a lot of people still do not have new homes and are still living in tents. Still other people are helping. I was part of a group that raised money. We all help out how we can.

The whole world is wrapped together in a great big mess.
We are also really helping each other.

You are right here right now sharing and thus including others and I am showing compassion for you so comforting you and others.

We are being community to each other, creating community for others. We are fixing the mess together.

I only can type with one hand, so my answers are slow.


Florida allowed the eviction moratorium to expire. So now it's only the federal CDC one but the article said that it doesn't cover single family homeowners without a federally backed mortgage.

I fear we'll be having a huge uptick in homelessness here in Florida soon.


My surgeon doesn't believe in masks and I am one day post op and have a fever of 102.8.
Covid-19 aside, having a surgeon who doesn't believe in masks is a very serious issue, and having a fever post-op is also a very serious issue as it could be indicative of a post-operative infection.

I would definitely contact a medical professional (perhaps someone other than your surgeon) and let them know you have just had surgery and have a fever. You may need to have your wound checked/cleaned, or possibly be put on antibiotics.


Our governor just moved our state into phase three. This probably means that I have to go back to work. It's flu season and probably the number of Covid cases are on the rise. However, I have not heard from either of my bosses, so we shall see. Could be that my bosses will decide to protect my health, but then I won't be able to get paid, as the money I have received since March has been emergency Covid money. I called my client and let her know. I wanted to give her some hope. Hope, however, is not on my side this week. Sigh...