News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


At least 2,313 new coronavirus deaths and 180,830 new cases were reported in the United States on Nov. 25. Over the past week, there has been an average of 176,733 cases per day, an increase of 38 percent from the average two weeks earlier.

As of Thursday afternoon, more than 12,917,200 people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus and at least 262,800 have died, according to a New York Times database.

Case numbers are spiking across most of the United States, leading to dire warnings about full hospitals, exhausted health care workers and expanding lockdowns.

Glimmers of progress in the Upper Midwest are being offset by major surges elsewhere.

Some f*cking moron just tried to tell me that my aunt didn’t die from Cov19, because she had cancer.

Hey, IDIOT. If a drunk driver plowed into her on the road? The cancer didn’t kill her, the drunk driver did.

It’s just like, FFS. Mortality & Morbidity stats are not that hard to understand. A person has to be willfully ignorant to not grok that, yes, as people are killed by the hundreds of thousands from plague? That some of them would have died anyway from other causes. But. That. Doesn’t. Mean. That. They. Weren’t. Killed. By. Corona. Chasus fawking keerist, the Downs Syndrome bagger at the grocery store can understand that. He’s the one who told the f*ckwit that if a drunk driver hit my aunt, they’d send the drunk driver to jail. Because cancer didn’t kill her, but his driving did.

I swear, it’s like some people have chipped beef on toast for brains.


I have a cunning plan.

All of these “do your own research” self centered self righteous assholes who don’t believe ANYONE is getting sick and dying?

((Since we aren’t so Hollywood as to leave a few hundred thousand corpses laying around bloating in the streets for their lazy asses to see for themselves... so they just whinge on, willfully ignorant, whilst other people are working themselves to the bone.))

Can be drafted and sent by the buttload to the hospitals and morgues to relieve exhausted healthcare workers.💡

<rant redacted>


@Friday - I think it's a great plan...Call it the 'exposing the hoax' tour, offering a behind-the-scenes, hands-on (masks off) Covid experience.

Though, I have to say, I'm fortunate to live in a fairly well-managed state, in a decently-managed city. I do notice the difference between city-dwellers and people out in the commuter towns ). The more expensive the suburb, the more weird people get about it, like needing to wear a mask on their weekly shopping spree to Restoration Hardware is some kind of hardship. 🤨


So true Friday. It burns me when they say "covid related" death. You nailed it. Though I hadn't heard it explained with the drunk driver before, I will use that now. There is so much ignorance here in US. Yes the news stations often contradict each other....but listen to science, not youtube doctors. Im sick of hearing the argument that the govt is taking our rights. Its pretty bad when no common sense is used. Then again, we had a president that claimed it was a hoax for several weeks. Even though that was 8-10 months ago, I have friends who have had covid and been in ICU for weeks and now say they didn't believe it would be so bad and that it almost killed them.

The county next to me has a nursing home with 84 residents and 81 are positive. Clearly someone needs to lead this mess.
It would be easy to buy into the hoax theory if it was only one country that was affected by covid, but do they seriously think that the whole world could have come together to plan a hoax on this scale? No way. It would be impossible to get them to agree on even the symptoms, let alone anything else.

In the uk, they've just announced the tiers for when we come out of lockdown on 3rd December. There were no surprises where I live, we're in the tier we expected to be, the highest one, so effectively still in a lockdown.

I just can't understand the 5 day Christmas lockdown break the British government announced, where they're letting people get back to normal over the holidays and then putting us back in lockdown again straight afterwards. It's just madness! It's going on create yet another surge in cases in January just when we have the usual seasonal bugs to deal with. No to mention the chaos that will be the High Street on 23rd December when the shops reopen.

On a personal level, the lockdowns don't really affect me, I'm disabled so struggle to get out anyway, especially in the winter months, and ptsd stops me from willingly socialising, so the impact on me is minimal. But I know it's not like that for everyone and people are struggling on all levels, emotionally, financially, and physically. And I know it's hard, and I do hear people screaming about freedom rights etc, but just how much freedom do they think they'll get when they're connected to a ventilator or in a coffin, and what about someone's right not to be infected by someone willingly flouting the covid rules?


the 'exposing the hoax' tour,
Great idea and the perfect name for it!

I have a customer who works in a local nursing home that's connected to a couple other homes and affiliated with a local hospital. She's a cook. Or she's supposed to be. At the moment, they are so short on help that she's also helping out with housekeeping and anything else she can. Working double shifts. I'm sure they'd be totally happy to have help mopping floors, washing dishes, and doing laundry. The more I think about it, sentencing people who violate the pandemic mitigation rules to community service doing that kind of thing seems like a great solution. (Better let them use masks though, we have enough sick people already!)


A young man in his mid 20's with Cystic Fibrosis, who has finished college, started his career and his disease is well managed. Yes, in time CF is fatal, but with medical advances people who have this live longer and with a better quality of life. So enter the Covid unit on a week night and this young man is there with Covid pneumonia and having difficulty breathing. Over the next 32 hours he will slowly suffocate and die a horrible death, repeatedly asking for some to kill him. His family cannot see him in person, so they stand outside the window, while my daughter holds his hand as he dies.

No he didn't die of CF, he died of Covid. He died slowly, alone, frightened and having what was left of his life stolen away. This is just a snapshot of one person, but is reflective of how people die from Covid all over this country.


I am American. Yet I am disgusted with how many selfish Americans there are. I have been giving lots of thought about how we think here, and when and how I have participated in the me and ours mentality. Not with this covid. Over Thanksgiving, the skies full of planes of those traveling to visit family and friends. Im sure it will be a disaster by Christmas.


I'm sitting here having survived several months working in close contact under a foolish boss who hid and refused to quarantine teams when a co-worker tested positive. I'm out of that danger zone, on to the next one, as soon as I get over whatever ordinary cold it's screwing up my lungs as I face the reality that my chronic health condition suddenly can't be treated as usual and it's having so. many. daily. effects. on my life. I'm sitting here watching my many times carefully reused n95 masks go through a work advised sterilization procedure.

I'm tired of covid. So is everyone.

I'm tired of friends loosing jobs and small businesses. I'm tired of praying I'll be able to find a work at home job. I'm tired of hoping I can find enough work, any work, and stay housed so I have a home to work from. I'm tired of the dying, all the dying. I'm tired of the isolation and dread and mindless YouTube videos I keep watching (how did Dance Mom's end up on my watch list?!) I'm tired of my dog missing her public outings and I'm tired of the fear that crosses people's faces when my chronic cough gets stirred up. I'm tired of pacing as I speak to my elderly loved ones begging they please cut down on the travel, just a little bit longer to go before this wave passes, please wait. I'm tired of masks and people not wearing masks. I'm tired of avoiding and fearing hugs and not seeing faces. I'm tired of zoom and video conference meetings. I'm tired of knowing so many people who are sick. So many positive cases. I'm tired of hoping and praying they don't die bad secrecy my bracing for when more people will die. I'm tired of the political fighting and I'm tired of the tearing down of my country from the inside out.

I'm tired of covid. I'm struggling to keep disinfecting these masks to keep refusing them but disinfect I will... because eventually this too shall pass and sometimes, I'd like to be around to see the other side of it all.

Anyone else notice (at least in the US) that people are super cranky lately? At least much more than usual?


The day before Thanksgiving, with flowers and an adult coloring book in hand, I went to the nursing home to be told there would be no visit. My very elderly mother was on Covid lock down. A staff member had called in a couple hrs earlier, testing positive. I stood there in tears.....she hasn't been in the nursing home very long, and she didn't even know they were on lockdown. I got to see her at her bedroom window, with the window completely closed, and she nor I could hear each other even to talk. I wrote on a piece of paper, I love bit letters....but I don't think she could read it.....I walked away in tears....