News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


We also heard that our truckers are going to strike starting Thanksgiving weekend so I have stocked up on supplies this time around.
This is one of the BIGGEST things most people in cities don’t realize... the average city in the US, without truckers, can last 3 days. That’s it. And then it’s not just one section (toilet paper???) being empty, but every shelf, in every store being empty.


I am soooo pissed off! LOL - yep's a rant.
We are locked down again and one of the local mayors went on tv blathering about how we don't need to lock down, we just need to educate people.

Are you kidding me with this??! Who has been living under what rock that they don't know there is a pandemic and what needs to be done to stop it? I mean it's not that hard - wear a mask, wash your hands, stay apart. It aint rocket science people!

But ooohhh no. This is 'merica and aint no one gonna tell us what we have to do. We don't care how many people die or how many businesses go under. We will have 600 people at church on sunday, 50 people at thanksgiving dinner and will not cooperate in any way with what the government wants us to do.

WTF is wrong with us?
Are we just that stupid or are we really so self centered that we don't care who dies as long as we don't have to follow the rules?

Just when I think I can't get more disgusted by these people....they show me I'm wrong.


Freida, dear you have to say no more to convince me. I am on board with you. People are so afraid that the government is just trying to control them, and they "aint having it". I read some of this on my social page, see it from people that I dont know, and even have a friend who believes in the conspiracy theory.(which is another whole thing)

Our governor has mandated masks, stating that the business can call 911 and the non compliers will be charged with obstruction. The next state over, the governor has but a 10pm until 5am curfew on. People are pissed about the mandate, but so for the chief said they have zero calls. Businesses won't call them I dont think...they dont want to piss people off.

Regardless of what mandates are implemented, I am see just how selfish people are, how stupid, and how disgusting. We have nursing homes with 70% of patients and staff with covid. What the hell is wrong with people. They dont need educated.


"Science doesn't care what you think" t-shirt with my mask.
I have one I made awhile back... ‘How much more does God have to do, to prove to people that science is real???’

I drew little boats all over it (canoe, row boat, sail boat, speed boat, zodiac) and a helicopter on my sleeve; the parable about the man who drowns, sitting on a roof in a flood, so sure that God is goin to save him that he sends away all the people coming to rescue him in boat, after boat, after boat, and finally a chopper. When he gets to Heaven, dude is in a bit of a snit, all broken hearted and bereft, demanding to know why God didn’t save him. “Whaddaya mean?!?” God replies “I sent you a canoe, a row boat, a speedboat....I even sent you a helicopter!”

I feel like I should update it with biochem stuff drawn all over it.


Outside one of the churches in the city...


I'm not religious, but this is Funny!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

ms spock

We are so lucky in Australia. We even have podcasts explaining what is going on by a doctor and a health reporter. It's ten minutes long each day. Below is today's one.

B and I are still going to wear masks when we go out but in reality we are almost ready to go back to normal life, one where we socially distance, wash our hands before and after taking off our masks but we have had 3 cases in our state during the last 24 hours. So the risk is low. We might just wait a week to see if anything came through from SA but they did immediate lock downs at the border, so the risk is pretty low.

I actually needed time out from the world which I didn't know I needed. My relationship with B has got so much closer this year. With going out into the world I am going to need to do a whole lot of exposure therapy for myself. There's a whole lot of exposure therapy that I need to do for myself. I am reading David Burns' new book "Feeling Great". Some of it really speaks to me.

The amazing thing about lock down is that I can get to do courses with people like David Burns, Tara Brach etc that I would have had to travel overseas to do. So there's been a big upside for me. I have put my name down on the wait list for the two year Teacher training which will be taught online so I can actually do it. I start the prerequisite on January the 4th.
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ms spock

Thanks. I lost my way for a bit or I was finding my way on the next part of the journey, not sure. I am working a bit smarter now @DharmaGirl rather than harder. I am reading David Burns' newest book "Feeling Great" and it actually addresses a part of me that was stuck, reframe it as it reflects my ethics and my complicated love of my family and my family orientated and my stuckness goes from deficit to representing one of my core values and I couldn't let go of that but now I can move forward with the deficit being flipped as positive.

We have been watching the American numbers on Coronavirus Update (Live): 57,902,489 Cases and 1,377,539 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Pandemic - Worldometer Feeling sobered and concerned for folks.

I am really feeling for the US at the moment.

The below is what we were worried about when it started. But it didn't happen. And is unlikely to occur in Australia now as it is so safe. I did over react to the situation if I look back with what we know now. However we didn't know that at the time.

I was ambivalent about being a teacher prior to this anyway. I wrote complaints and I quit a teaching job in January due to an elderly teacher's racism towards Aboriginal kids, who I brought with me to the teaching situation. No one returned my emails.

I have been listening to David Burns' podcasts he does some on SARS-CoV-2.

Really thinking of everyone today.
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I'm glad you are safe. It's because people in Australia took it seriously, and reacted like you did that it is safe there. Americans are so worried about government "telling them what to do", that they put everyone at risk. I can't believe that people are denying the virus as they die from it. Well, yes I can. They see no connection between "the virus" and being sick and dying. They truly believe it's made up. My mom likes to believe that they just aren't educated and don't have critical thinking skills, but I know college educated people who still believe that the global pandemic is made up. I haven't required masks while working here, but I will start on Monday. There have been no new cases in the last month here, but after Thanksgiving I'm sure there will be. My handyman is case in point. He is angry that the governor is passing on the CDC recommendation that you stay with your own immediate family, and not have people over. "I know the sheriff", he says, "he won't arrest me". He may not arrest you, not that anyone has suggested that, but you may get sick and die. You may get sick and lose your business. You may get sick and make us sick.

I realize that it's hard to have the self discipline to do the right thing during the pandemic, but at least try. Biden won the election, the virus is real, and you can kill people with it.


I’m about to start a drinking game with What f*cking planet have you been living on??? -&/or- Did your marketing team die, and you’re still running preCovid commercials because they set them up last year???

The sheer number of bullshit Rx’s (clear skin, whiter teeth, gas & bloating, etc.) who spend the last 30 seconds of each commercial

“OurDrug can lower your ability to fight infection. Blah blah blah if you think you might be at risk for contracting an infection, consult your doctor before taking OurDrug. OurDrug can also react badly with vaccines. Please talk to your doctor if you’ve recently had a vaccine, or think you may be taking a vaccine, sometime in the future.”

Brick. Wall. Bang. Head.

Noooooo.... no one in the middle of a pandemic is at risk of getting infected! And hundreds of billions aren’t being spent across dozens of companies and hundreds of universities worldwide, attempting to get a vaccine on the market for,.. oh, you know, EVERYONE... as fast as humanly possible.
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