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I don't know any front line health care workers who think this is okay or normal. I also don't know anyone who has seen this kind of rationing for oxygen before, and I haven't seen it in my going on 13 years of fulltime duty.
If that's what they're doing to make the oxygen stretch far enough, you can imagine what they're doing with the staffing rosters for these hospitals. ICU staff must be getting stretched way too far.

The sooner a vaccine can be made available to the vaccine can be made available to the vulnerable population the better. Even if it does cause nausea and headaches for a few weeks, that's helluva lot better than winding up in a doubled-up ICU bed on low oxygen, staffed by people who haven't had a day off in months, and struggling to breathe.


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England is moving to a tiered system tomorrow. Not much changes me for me aside from being able to get a haircut & go to the gym. My area has the highest level of restrictions.

I am so thankful that I have been able to work throughout the pandemic. A lot haven't been as fortunate. There is glaring holes in support for individuals in situations similar to mine.

There is very little trust in the government where I am. Marcus Rashford forced 2 U-turns on free School meals.

Two large high street chains have gone into administration today. Up to 27,000 jobs are at risk. Their demise isn't completely due to COVID, but it's certainly a factor.

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I have been watching Italy and I am hoping they can get it under control.

I have been watching France as well, with a lot of gratitude as they had similar numbers to Victoria, in July and now look at them, and look at Victoria. Victoria could have been France. Australia has been so fortunate.

We didn't wear masks whilst talking to our neighbours yesterday. It's really safe here, on the most part. We will keep an eye on things but time to move on. We won't go to supermarkets or shopping centres, delivery is great - going to stick with that - but it's time to get moving again.

My doctor friends are worried about borders State and International going down. It's true some German tourists flew interstate yesterday, from Sydney to Melbourne without the 2 weeks quarantine. The Border Force lied and say it was a language problem, but one of the travellers was 15-16 and 90% of Germans under 30 speak English, what the guy that reported them talking about avoiding quarantine spoke German? Really? So yeah it could go off again because of idiots of Border Force not doing their jobs, quarantine could have been built by now so they don't have to use hotels, but anyway, but on the whole it's pretty safe. You'd have to be pretty unlucky.


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My ward is closed because of hospital acquired covid. We are on tier 4 lockdown. So basically full lockdown but schools are open. N people are sick of it. I dunno wtf government plans to do but it's not going away any time soon. So people are basically doing whatever anyway.

Back at the start there was more deadly strains but they seem to have mostly died with the patient. Now it's terminally ill people dying within 28 days of a covid diagnosis when they'd have died in that time anyway.

Although my ward being shut has got me out of lots of events I should have gone to. So win.


yesterday: oh yeah, I'm gonna get the vaccine soon! 🥳

today: you have anaphylaxis and the flu shot tried to kill you 10 years ago, you can't get the vaccine 🤬😕

well that sucks

What are the 2 in the UK allergic to? Can't seem to find that info

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+12,143 people died world wide today - though as my psychiatrist said we won't really know mortality rates until excess deaths are counted and that could be 5 years away before there is time and space for that. I am so grateful for the coming vaccines.

+3,164 dead Americans today, more than on 9/11. I am feel upset about this. It was predicted months ago. I also feel very grateful that I can wear a mask and keep myself safe in very low risk environments in Australia. I went to the hospital today, we both wore masks, we went to a second hand building materials shop, wearing new clean, cloth masks, we are practicing doing it right as we are not medical folks so we don't have their training. We went out last night to a club we belong to, we wore masks, we are doing best practice. If community spread happens here, we will be so practiced with hand hygiene, social distancing and mask wearing we won't make the basic mistakes. My friends from Asian countries have been wearing masks for so long since SARS/MERS even children from 2 years and older are trained to wear masks so you don't see people without masks and you don't see people wearing masks without them being over their noses. Teachers and kids in Taiwan wear masks at school and they don't have the spread that John Hopkins predicted they would have as they had flights direct from Wuhan. We have ordered lighter material masks due to the heat up here.

Brazil is up to 848 now, they will eventually by pass America.

Mexico is 800.

Indonesia is under reporting their deaths and they have 8 million stunted children, that is they have serious developmental disorders from nutritional deficits. So that's a serious population with pre-existing conditions. When I read up on it they are discussing why they have so many child deaths but there is no discussion of that in the Australian media.

+296 deaths in France - which Victoria could have been if it wasn't for the lock down.

I know a doctor who comes from a family of doctors in India, his partner and her family are all doctors as well. His Mother-In-Law , also a doctor, was on a ventilator for 30 days and it cost $3,300 per day, so she had the money for it. Many of the doctors that taught these two families at medical school are now dead due to Covid19. His Uncles have had it and two of them can no longer walk more than a 100 steps and have to sit down. So they are really living with SARS-CoV-2. He's pragmatic about it all. But wistful and sad. So many won't get access to medical care.

So though when I go online for meetings and meditation groups on zoom, there are folks talking about the infections in their families and friendship networks, so I really, really feel for them, and I will be as supportive as I can, one of my friends in Germany is sick so I am going to write an article for her to assist her. But I am going to clean the house, meditate and then go out and doing Mindful weeding to pace myself and manage my mental health.

My doctor friends are going to family Xmases - they will pull out if there is community spread but that is a very low risk now. So Australia is very disciplined and fortunate indeed.


On a personal level, the lockdowns don't really affect me, I'm disabled so struggle to get out anyway, especially in the winter months, and ptsd stops me from willingly socialising, so the impact on me is minimal.
🌹. not much different for me. Therapy is via zoom rather than in person , I no longer get to go to yoga.

I’ll be honest - the tier system changes lost me. It shouldn’t be beyond my capacity but it has proven so. I don’t think it’s solely PTSD / disassociation - I think it’s slight ‘virus fatigue’. Changing the meaning of the tiers or what was involved or whatever the head of our county council Was saying when it came out just felt silly . With many struggling / unwilling to comply and many being fiuzzy about rules on bubbles etc - changing what was allowed in each tier just seemed silly . We stayed in tier two - but went up a tier ???
So far as I am concerned I’m only seeing dh . Outside I see the girls on the yard but we are ONLY ever outside and keep more than 2ms apart. Because if my health when the farrier comes o don’t handle my ponies, so I am not too close.

we have concurrent bird flu biosecurity measures and I’m worried my hands are going to crack soon - despite using hand cream twice a day. All the washing on the farm with only cold water :( leaving the yard - wash , entering farm house- half a minute later - wash again . 🙄.

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There is very little trust in the government where I am. Marcus Rashford forced 2 U-turns on free School meals.
Thank goodness these people keep speaking up. ***shakes head in disgust*** No wonder the citizens don't trust their government. With media misinformation and government spin in Australia, a lot of folks don't trust our government and media.

It's a 9/11 daily in America. +3,264 dead yesterday. If it was terrorism the government would do something, why is so little being done? It's so hard to get my head around. How can folks just say we will wait until Jan 20th? How many more will die? We had some real idiots in Australian politics, and I will never forget Morrison's saying schools were safe when WHO was saying kids needed protection from the virus. (I have a lot of issues with WHO which has been pathetic in kowtowing to the CCP and various other things - they need to do an audit at the end of this and look at why they went so wrong in so many ways - inaccurate information about masks, and lockdowns, information that was manipulated b/c of the Chinese Communist Party's influence but the children thing by Morrison was just disgusting). Morrison was a f*ckwit saying he wouldn't let it stop from going out with friends, to restaurants, and to the footy. Disgusting behaviour of undermining our public health messages. Murdoch media and the opposition were disgusting in Melbourne/Victoria. I am thinking about a response - written or otherwise. I want to contribute to the debate. I was livid. There should be no free passes for those people that increased the anxiety, mental anguish and fear of those in lock down. It was so unnecessary. Australian media hasn't covered so much at all, nevertheless accurately and reported news information in a way you knew that they hadn't even done a basic google. It's just pathetic. I am going to do exercise and meditate and refocus. But I am not happy.

Talked to neighbours yesterday without masks, but socially distanced because she is asthmatic, pregnant and such a high risk they won't let her do her antenatal checks in hospitals or the doctors - she's to stay out of the system. Today we wore masks for a quote - very low risk and almost no virus here at all. But practicing best practice means in the unlikely event there's community spread, we will be ready. B is high risk and so are a lot of folks in our street. We are willing to do anything to protect ourselves and other people. I wish I could do more.

It's ten minutes long, so not a big investment of time with some solid information on vaccines. There's no reason to be afraid, the testing has been comprehensive. I can't wait for the vaccines to roll out in Australia. We are so fortunate to be able to wait, watch and see.

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