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Last time they thought there was an extra infectious variant it turned out to come from a super spreader event. ***fingers crossed***

The rapid spread of B.1.1.7 might be down to chance. Scientists previously worried that a variant that spread rapidly from Spain to the rest of Europe—confusingly called B.1.177—might be more transmissible, but today they think it is not; it just happened to be carried all over Europe by travelers who spent their holidays in Spain. Something similar might be happening with B.1.1.7, says Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Georgetown University. Drosten notes that the new mutant also carries a deletion in another viral gene, ORF8, that previous studies suggest might reduce the virus’s ability to spread.

The photos of London Xmas shopping didn't show much mask wearing, so it could be human behaviour combined with a bit more infectious variant? ***crosses fingers again***

But the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy (taking it seriously) announced they were halting passenger flights from the UK. The Eurostar train between Brussels & the British capital will stop running at midnight tonight. So they are taking it seriously. Hopefully this is not so. I really want it to be not so.

Usually I am a few weeks ahead of the Australia media, not this time, which is probably good, as I am not as focused on this as much anymore.

Of course Australia is not. Australian health officials cast doubt on claim new UK Covid strain more infectious even if they are wrong surely it's worth taking some precautions? It's escaped from quarantine and is spreading throughout Sydney at the moment. No masks mandate, no serious lock down ***commences eye rolling***

Professor Raina McIntyre is usually on the money. Usually she's quite reserved and circumspect. So that gives pause for thought.

Dr Swan and Tegan have been two I have followed this year.

"We are at a tipping point and this is quite serious and it has all happened because the quarantine and the entry into the country isn’t quite tight enough,” Professor McLaws said. (WHO Adviser on Covid19)
Not happy Jan.

I really hope I am wrong but it looks like there will be a proper lock down and masks mandated after it's spread quite away. It's annoying and frustrating. We were so close to having it contained.

Third world countries are getting vaccinated right now - but we don't even have enough vaccines in Australia to vaccinate our first responders and medical staff involved in the Avalon cluster. That is a poor outcome.

I have been watching the press briefings and they don't seem that organised and didn't even know what the current infections were - I am finding this most annoying and frustrating.

How it was okay to let pilots and cabin crews be exempt from quarantine or manage their own quarantine I will never know.
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New mutation in South Africa is hitting the young hard.

That's not good. B.1.1.7 might be down to chance. I hope it's like B.1.177 = it just happened to be transmitted all over Europe by travelers who spent holidays in Spain. Something similar might be happening with B.1.1.7. Yes the names are similar!
holy crap. 🥺
***nods agreement***
We have a new strain in the uk. It transmits faster. We are now in full lockdown. Only to go out for food and meds. 😣🙏
I was so hoping that they had gotten it wrong, like last time, currently I will stick to my denial until there's more evidence.
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My friend's Father and brother got it, and her Mother. I didn't want to ask when I saw her on Zoom but jumped right on. Father was has pre-existing conditions and is quite elderly and her Mother also quite elderly, so I was a bit concerned. Father was sick - but came through. Brother 36, fit as, almost didn't make it, and her Mother had a mild temperature and was off colour for a few days. She never tested positive. So relieved. She said it is crazy how very different it can manifest in people. Very grateful.

I have been frustrated and angry with NSW. Premier lied about kids not being able to be infected.

So not wanting to accept it's going to spread down there. Really grateful our borders are closed. But it is so easy to not let it spread. It's just nuts. Shut down and use masks - Taiwan used masks - 7 deaths and 757 infections and the same population as Australia with direct flights from Wuhan.

It doesn't seem possible that there won't be super spreader events.

Hopefully the experts will be wrong.


Has anyone had any experience with this vaccine? I can't find a straight answer about it anywhere. Any news on how well it works yet and any side effects? It maybe too soon to ask all of this as the data is probably not in yet but wanted to see if anyone has yet had any experience with it yet.


I've got a couple of friends who have gotten the first one - so far so good. But immunity doesn't come until after the second shot and they won't get that for another few weeks. So no way to tell what it's gonna look like in the long run. Plus there are three different versions of the vaccine out there right now so who knows which one will turn out to be the "one".


At the current rate of vaccination, we will all be vaccinated in 10 years! (Or something crazy like that.) I am hoping that vaccination can accelerate as so many people need to get it in order to even leave home. It’s hopeful that more vaccines will be released soon!


Has anyone had any experience with this vaccine?

I know a few people who have had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. No side effects to report as of yet.

Scotland has just announced a month long lockdown for the month of January. Boris Johnson is addressing the nation at 8pm tonight to announce further measures to combat the spread, looks like another lockdown for England as well.
We're back in lockdown, probably until mid February from what I've heard. I sort of guessed it was going to happen. Cases are rising, but I'm not sure if that's just because they're testing more so naturally finding more. Who knows?

What I can't understand is why the uk is only fining the organisers of rule breaking parties etc, why aren't they fining everyone whose there? Surely that would be more of a deterant to not go if you knew you were going to be hit with a £10k fine. Instead they are fining one person and letting the rest just walk away.