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Perth is going into lock down - it's a go fast, go hard, and get it down.

Contract tracers are on the job on the UK Variant B117, and I don't know when they are going to make it easier to discuss the variants. There's been discussions on how to name them. I watched a WHO Briefing and even they admit that the different names are difficult for them.

To be clear Perth is a relatively small city, a few million at most.

It has ONE case, a male who likely contracted it at his workplace, hotel quarantine. He's tested positive but it's not yet confirmed if he's infected with a variant. The source of his infection and the strain are to be determined however there was a repatriated Australian traveller who was in quarantine and inflected with a variant so he may have it. But speculation at this stage.

The restrictions will go initially for 5 days. However ppl are allowed to shop for food, obtain medical care, exercise for an hour a day outside their homes and work if it's not possible to work from home. So really it's a soft lockdown because there are no curfews etc.
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The restrictions will go initially for 5 days.
We had a similar 3 day lockdown (at the end of a weekend) here in Queensland for the same reasons. The UK variant escaped transmission from hotel quarantine via 1 worker.

There are obviously pros and cons. But the short (considering the months of lockdown Melbournians ended up having to endure) and fast approach seemed to work. It allowed for thousands of people to get tested, contacts to be traced and tested, and the variant seems to have been completely contained within less than a week, after which, (with the exception of having to wear masks in a limited number of places for an extra 10 days) life has returned to an almost pre-covid normal.

Hopes for the same success containing the strain in Perth. It will be towards the end of the year before we realistically can hope to achieve herd immunity here through vaccine rollouts. And as we've seen elsewhere, 6 months can equate to thousands of deaths and long term health complications with this virus.


Restaurants are able to open up today at 25% capacity. Some aren't able to open due to high overhead that 25% won't cover.

Small business is taking a huge hit and it is heartbreaking. Some closing their doors forever.

My dad and two uncles got their 1st dose of the vaccine. No side effects to report. (Thank God)

Prosecutors are discussing possibly pressing charges against our Govenor. She placed positive patients in nursing homes and thousands of our most vulnerable perished. One third of our deaths were nursing home patients. She bitched and moaned to and about our previous President not doing enough. In a matter of days he and countless volunteers and trades people busted their butts to make 3. THREE makeshift hospitals in the metro area. Thousands of beds went unused. And are still not being used. Millions of dollars wasted and thousands of deaths caused because of hate for one man. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Don't get me started on the govenor of N.Y. He did the same thing and had the audacity to publish a book about how well he did handling the Covid crisis. It's absolutely disgusting.

I don't trust the CDC, the W.H.O. or my own local health department. They all have bull shitted their way through this whole debacle. Lied about numbers. Made rules for us and they broke them at every turn. And probably got richer to boot!! They can eff off!



considering the months of lockdown Melbournians ended up having to endure
And Americans. The thought of not wearing a mask again has left me. This country is just.... Wish I could go out without a mask. That'd be great.

Not sure when the vaccine will be available to the general public in Florida. Last I read our governor was arguing with the government on how many doses they had for health care workers and the elderly. They lumped in those with pre-exisiting conditions that could make Covid severe but not so sure how to prove that. They made it available at weird places. Like Publix, which is a grocery store here. They have a pharmacy in it but still, a grocery store. I think I will have to wait until it's available to everyone to get it cause if they don't make it available to my doctor to give me, how will I prove pre-existing conditions without giving them my entire medical file. Or would my doctor have to write a letter?

I dunno. I can't even watch the news cause of how much panic it causes so I have no idea what's going on with the vaccine. Trying to just keep my head down and am still working from home and all but I'm f*cking tired! The country is a damn mess!

ETA: My dad got the vaccine. I haven't heard of any side effects from him either

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France and many other countries are not doing so well. In July 2020 Victoria and France had 700+ cases. France is where France is now. France Coronavirus: 3,251,160 Cases and 77,595 Deaths - Worldometer

February 2nd 2021
23,337 new cases
and 485 new deaths in France. French Government reported 726 new deaths, of which 322 deaths in EMS and EHAPD and 404 deaths in hospitals. Worldometer redistributed the 322 reported deaths in EMS and EHPAD over the 4 day period since the last report on Jan 29. [source] [source]

Victoria is on high alert. The more the virus spreads the more VOCs we will have, America has two of it's own on in California and one in Ohio. I really feel for folks there. We are so lucky in Australia to have premiers that take the science seriously. These VOCs are concerning. Nothing good can come from a 10:30pm press conference :(

It seems that the US is now having more than a 9/11 every day, it's mind numbing. The UK and Brazil are getting over a thousand most days, it's sad. The UK got close to having it together but the VOCs arrived.

A lot of poorer countries without First World medical systems are trying lots of low tech and low cost solutions. It's interesting.
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France is where France is now.


Victoria has gone into another lock down, which is not good, but is excellent in terms of virus control.

Victoria is not in lockdown.

There has been some resumption of rules in respect to the number of ppl who can gather in private homes, the wearing of masks in public indoor spaces & a couple of other measures. Definitely NOT in lockdown.

There is ONE locally acquired confirmed case. The remaining 20 cases are directly attributable to repatriated citizens returning WITH the virus before they entered Australia. All are in isolation. None are in hospital.

That one confirmed case is a hotel quarantine worker who worked at a hotel where international tennis players and their respective entourage's were staying. All are now being tested & quarantined till the results of the tests are known. In respect to areas where the hotel quarantine worker may have visited, those places have been shut for deep cleaning and ppl are being advised by text if they visited any of those sites to get tested & wait for the result.

But the rest of Victoria is open and running as per normal.

Please check your sources @ms spock

Like here: accurate as of 6 hours ago.:

Victoria Covid News & Restrictions

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Vitamin D and Covid19 - a small investment for a potentially significant gain especially for POC. Dr John Chapman 34% correlation of a lower risk from the virus by habitually taking Vitamin D.
Sources in the notes on YouTube.

A lot of countries without first world medical systems have had to go cheap and low tech.

Why has Australia ordered so many vaccines? Our 10 minutes with Norman Swan and Tegan Taylor. More than a 100 million have been immunised around the world. AstraZeneca potentially has a 67% prevention of transmitting the virus. Reduced transmission could be the key. Everyone in Australia will be vaccinated! Why has Australia ordered so many vaccines?