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As for stimulus checks. Its really hard to know someone else financial situation. I have said thru all of this we are blessed, but its not all simple. My husband lost his job of 40 yrs feb 1st. He had no job prospects. So we cashed out pensions to pay off autos and mortgage. Then he got another job. We keep getting hit with other major expenses but are making it. Now its tax time, and even though we paid a lot out of the pension, we owe our state 20K, so the stimulus check would be of great help.


Well, there's a reason for
You might want to reread my post: I said, "When a nation sends out stimulus checks for two reasons, it is to help the people who are suffering from some kind of catastrophe and help stabilize the economy." There is always a cause for a problem with the economy.....could be war, could be a plague, could be an environmental catastrophe.......and if you've done any extensive reading, or listened to Trump talk, then it has a secondary help those who are in trouble financially.

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Mrs Spock, thank you for the encouragement and the hug...(((hug)))) back at you . I really appreciate all you share here. Im even feeling a bit better today.
(((hug @brat17)))

I am so glad that you are feeling a little bit better today. It's reaching out that we can assist each other. You don't know how many people you assisted by reading your experience, and that's the wonderful thing about this forum. And share that it is a big thing, this pandemic, with so many new stresses, challenges and responsibilities.

I have upped my CBT and I am listening to podcasts here @brat17 List of Feeling Good Podcasts | Feeling Good There's some coronavirus podcasts here - and they are good - as are all the rest of them. As I suffer from a lot of anxiety and depression I find all the podcasts really useful. They distract me from my current preoccupations but also give me skills to manage other situations. It might or might interest you, hopefully knowing there's another resource available is useful. And if that is not useful, knowing someone cared enough to share what is useful for them, hopefully that makes a difference.

I have joined online meditation communities/Sanghas and they have very much assisted me in feeling connected and enjoying folks' company from around the world. Being here - I already have that, and I feel immensely grateful for all the folks here.

We don't know how the pandemic will effect people's mental health in the long run, and perhaps, though the peoples on this forum have suffered immensely, perhaps we are the lucky ones because we have communities that we can reach out in, and we have communities in which we can find meaning and purpose in supporting other folks in our cohort. Not everyone has that.

Research is already being done.
Some are suffering a lot, especially our young people.

(1) Media briefing on COVID-19 - YouTube

This is truly amazing! 55 million people have now been vaccinated around the world! That is tremendous in a year or so that the pandemic started. So it's up and running. It's a marathon, and not a sprint though.

The passing of Pfizer and the complications of AstraZeneca trials and data.

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If you want any other resources @brat17 let me know. I collect stuff in order to share them with other folks. The Self Compassion stuff is free as well. It's a good site. Self-Compassion Exercises by Dr. Kristin Neff

Look at Laurie Garrett. She looks exhausted.

Bad news here. Vaccines failing. Not high enough efficacy. AstraZeneca might have less than 10% efficacy for the elderly at 1.40-2:00. It will appear before the European Union Medicines Agency. I hope it's higher for other age groups, at least the young, as it could be used to prevent spread in the Third World but it won't be passed for the US now. The CDC is not passing anything under 50% efficacy. The US has Pfizer and Moderna, if only everyone could get it immediately. Hopefully Johnson and Johnson is a single dose & has also high efficacy. That could be a game changer.

The thing is the VOCs, (3:05) and that's the issue. Egads, it's a race against time, I didn't know about the 3:25 Ohio or Californian variants, and the other new VOCs - 3:30 US has the Brazilian, B1351 variant (first detected in South Africa) and B117 (first detected Kent, UK) strains to worry about. 😭 😭 😭 Johnston is saying it's 30% more infectious than they common form of Covid19. If Laurie Garret is concerned, then it's time to be concerned. Who would have thought I would end up writing about "common" Covid19. At 5:32 Laurie Garret says that the vaccines are still working in the labs and there's no research/data on whether that will happen in human. She wrote an amazing book on Ebola, it's well worth the read. I am researching something else at the moment so my mind is mostly distracted from Covid19. I have been cooking and dropping food off for folks who are struggling this week which has been a great gratitude exercise to do. The science of it all is really fascinating.

“We know that even as we work hard to defeat COVID-19, the virus continues to evolve as all viruses do. That’s yet another reason why we want to limit COVID-19 transmission – the fewer people who get COVID-19, the fewer opportunities the virus has to evolve,” Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm said.
Looks like the Brazilian VOC has made it to the US. First Known Case Of Brazilian Covid-19 Variant Identified In U.S.

Professor Woo-Joo Kim from South Korea also looks exhausted.

All the professionals around the world are looking pretty exhausted.
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Bad news here. Vaccines failing. Not high enough efficacy. AstraZeneca might have less than 10% efficacy for the elderly at 1.40-2:00.
Facts are really important with this topic.

This "info" started with a couple of German news outlets where the vaccine is being rolled out. AstraZeneca has released a statement in response (which isn't as catchy a news title as "vaccine failing") saying the statement is completely false.

The problem is in the trial processing. For the AstraZeneca trials, the first stage of the trial was initially to people only under the age of 55. Older participants were included in later stages of the trials. So, there is less data about its efficacy on older people because there were less older participants.

For the best information about the efficacy of the AstraZeneca vaccine? There haven't been any new releases of information from the Oxford Lamcet since early December. That's the space to watch.

A similar issue came up past week with reports out of Norway that around 30 people in aged care facilities who had received the Pfizer vaccine had subsequently died. However, those 2 statements, though reported as if the vaccine was the obvious cause of death, were misleading. In that particular week, less aged care residents died than in any average given week in the country, and I'm not aware of the causes of death in those cases having been linked to the virus by any reliable primary source of data.

There's a lot of news stories out there, all competing for the 'big story'. But accurate reporting, reporting that doesn't mislead the public, is super important. If in doubt, or if any given news article causes you to suddenly panic? Go check out the primary sources of data;)
In respect to the elderly people in Norway - it was disclosed on the ABC yesterday (25.1.2021) that the deaths were being primarily attributed to terminal illnesses and not the vaccine. The commercial media have got it wrong and unfortunately the super hype makes better news rather than facts.