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Same here. Do not watch the news at all. I get updates in my email and I scan those. I take precautions just as if we were in lockdown. That's for me. Very few people wearing masks here and that is very concerning.

I am waiting on more information on whether or not we are going to get a booster shot. I will sign up for that if so.

I come from a very friendly community. I have noticed how people are more stressed than usual and less friendly. Seems that anyone who works for the public in any capacity is a lot more irritated with small things.

This whole ordeal is taking a toll in more ways than physical. So many unknowns. Even more misinformation. And our stores are starting to have less and less each time I go. And that is adding to the stress.

I limit information input and take precautions. That's all I can do.


Work is weird just now. After 1.5 years of running suuuper short staffed (in comparison to just yknow, baseline short..) everyone is so just fed up. It had a "we are in this together" vibe around work for a bit, but now it's more "what the f*ck is this shit and I'm so glad you're here too", but doctors are covering like 12 wards at a time, and we are running with two staff for a whole ward (Normal-short being 5). It's not *specifically* covid related, it's not when all our staff were off with covid, it's more that staff are just fed up now and going on long term sick with stress, or leaving acute jobs (like mine) or, whatever.

There's just a weird vibe with nhs staff in my area just now, docs, nurses, physios, OTs, domestics, caterers etc. Literally everyone is just sick of all the shit that this past year or so has been.


There's just a weird vibe with nhs staff in my area just now, docs, nurses, physios, OTs, domestics, caterers etc. Literally everyone is just sick of all the shit that this past year or so has been.
Not just there -- it's happening here too. The medical staff worked their asses off for an entire year trying to keep people alive and now they are being asked to do it again. They are just exhausted - and many of them are saying screw it and bailing out. Can't say I blame them - though it's so sad it's come to that.

We are also having a major issue with waitstaff and servers at restaurants being treated like crap because they are so short staffed. I mean for the love of god they are bitching about their dinner being 5 minutes longer than they wanted and they have a tantrum and blame the over worked servers.

Sadly most servers in the US live on tips because their base salary is too low to survive on, and now they aren't even getting those because people are just being pissy and melodramatic. It's pathetic.


Our hard lockdown has been extended. The delta variant has gotten into the community from hotel quarantine (again!).

2/3 of the new cases yesterday were kids under 10. That's the delta variant for you.

If I hear one more person tell me to "get vaccinated!" I think I might scream. Would if we could. Would if we had more vaccines available. Buuuuut...we don't.


Yesterday I went to get my 2nd vaccine, and the woman at the pharmacy giving it was going on and on how our "rights" are being violated by having to wear a mask. I told her other counties find it bizarre that we won't wear masks to protect ourselves and others. She said proudly that we were bizarre. She stopped talking when she said wearing a mask was dangerous and I said I will inform my surgeon and not allow anyone in the surgery to wear a mask. Another employee told me that she was pregnant all last year and she never got Covid so she's not worried. Huh? What does that have to do with anything? She lives in what was a low area for Covid, but now with the "epidemic of the unvaccinated", with less than 40% of the population here vaccinated, it is now a high risk area. They are so sure the virus is fake, or overplayed by the media and I think the media is underplaying the delta strain.

People here are going to have a protest because they don't want their children to be forced to wear masks to school. I don't get why they don't understand that sending their child to school without a mask is endangering the other children. Not just theirs. Don't send your child to school with a mask, homeschool them. There is a huge homeschooling bloc here because people don't want their children vaccinated against the normal childhood stuff, take advantage of it. If someone who has lots more education and critical thinking skills mandates something, it's not to take away you so called "God given rights", they are trying to protect you.


There was a woman on the news a few days ago sobbing and telling people she was wrong, covid was real, we need to all be vaccinated. Why the drama? Because her husband, who said it was his right not to get the vaccine, was killed by covid in 4 days

Funny how they change their tune when it's one of theirs that die. If only they cared as much when it isn't one of theirs.☹️
I am so pleased my young family members have elected to go ahead and have the AZ vaccine. If they waited for Pf they'd be waiting many months in a increasingly infected city.

They will still have to comply with lockdown, wear masks and other safety measures till the majority of people are vaccinated but this is the first step, I think, in preserving their health and way of life.

I am so grateful there even is a vaccine and we live in a country where the governments at all levels are willing to invoke health laws and regulations - to protect all.

Now I am going to go and do something really outrageously dangerous and clean out my plastics cupboard... ugh..


I am seeing a lot more people wearing masks than last week. These are probably the people that wore them the first time. But still. So many started not wearing masks after getting vaccinated feeling safer.

But the 'aware' ones are apparently keeping up with the news and trying to be compliant before it becomes mandatory. I've never stopped wearing mine simply because of my age. And maybe some common sense thrown in there.

Nice to see more people taking the Delta variant seriously and hoping those not vaccinated will think about others more and less about themselves. Guess I'm hoping for humanity to step up. But there will always be the naysayers and all they provide is entertainment. Sad and dangerous entertainment.

Vaccinations are available all over the area I live in. If a booster is called for I guess the organization that I was with the first time will contact people. If not, any drug store in the area will have them.

I carry my card with me at all times. I had to show it the last time I went to the Dr. The nurse noticed my last shot didn't have a date on it!!! It did have the little (my brain isn't working) thing that only they would have put on the card. So she went back and traced the dates from the organization I used. Whew! Good catch! But there were hundreds of us going thru that line. Just glad she caught it for future proof I've had the vaccine.

Universe help us from the people that @DharmaGirl is surrounded by. Keep that mask on DG!!!
Indonesia is in trouble with the Delta variant and in particular their medical staff who were vaccinated with a Chinese vaccine that is proving to not be effective against the Delta variant.

And Chinese authorities who have shipped millions of doses of Sinovac around the world are now beginning to recommend a booster shot. Studies have shown it to be less than 50% effective.

Indonesia sinovac vaccine
About half of the Australian population is in some kind of lockdown right now. However our vaccination rate has increased sufficiently that the health authorities reckon we are now at where they predicted we should be so it seems we have all caught up and are getting vaccinated.