News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)

But she’s scared by the vaccine.

But she’s intimidated by the tonality and the facade of science. It’s true it’s somewhat intimidating because of the lingo. So I guess than in some sense we failed to make that more accessible.

^I had relatives and friends who related their fears and worries based on all of what you have described and more. Sure there can be a million unknowns with the vaccines and nobody I know is going to say that we have all of the answers yet.

Perhaps because we are vaccinating literally millions of people world-wide, scientists are seeing the rare and any other side-effects faster. And they are being reported and disseminated quickly and sometimes without much thought in the media. I don't need to read science papers though I do like to get my head around a few things but I don't need to know the science to make a decision on this.

I asked my relatives and friends to consider only one thing. Will you survive Covid19? If it is not likely then save yourself and your family a whole world of grief and have the vaccine.

The rest is unwanted and unneeded speculation because Covid19 will not respect your healthy young body or your beliefs.

Nobody I know has refused to get vaccinated after considering this one single thing.
So now all of Victoria, South Australia and most of New South Wales are in lockdown. Without permits we cannot enter and it's different permits for different States and for different reasons. So getting a permit is difficult so I am not going to bother. It is unknown how long New South Wales will stay in lockdown but it will be till the end of July and now there's a bit of scaremongering in the press that lockdown may stay till September.

Delta is proving to have such a fast replication rate that people are shedding the virus hours after contact with it.

Australia is managing around one million vaccinations per week and with further deliveries of vaccines there is hope this can be increased.

Vaccination is voluntary in Australia but I wonder if that will remain the case. Certainly people who care for vulnerable people who cannot receive the vaccination or who have immune system issues, are being encouraged to get the vaccine so they have less chance of carrying the infection to them.


So now all of Victoria, South Australia and most of New South Wales are in lockdown.
This is frightening to me. I don't want another round of Covid but there it is. I wear my mask everywhere. I get my second round of vaccine on August 1st, then the 14th I should be immune. I'm still going to wear a mask. I got some heavy side effects from the first vaccine - it felt like I had the flu - so I'm preparing for the 2nd with lots of liquids, soup, Tylenol and books if I can stay awake long enough to read.

I've finally come to terms with all the angry folks here who don't believe in the virus. I don't think about them anymore. I protect myself and let them live on. I hope we all stay well here on MyPTSD.
I am in the same boat @DharmaGirl and I will be receiving my second vaccine injection in a few weeks. Take care and I hope your second dose goes well.

There are many people in hospital or at home with the disease here in Australia and the trend is upwards in most places at the moment unfortunately. However thus far only three states have had to shut down to control the outbreak. The rest of Australia is operating relatively normally and do not have any restrictions apart from not being able to travel to the Eastern seaboard states.

There may be a slight dent in the upwards trajectory with infections but that may be not be significant and just hopeful thinking on my behalf. Certainly we do not have thousands of people in hospital requiring medical support so there are some aspects of our current situation that we must be grateful for.

The good news is that nobody who has had both doses of the vaccine is in intensive care. And only a very, very low number of people who have had their first dose have caught the disease and even less are in hospital requiring support. The rest of the known cases are unvaccinated people.

Being unvaccinated here in Australia is not entirely the fault of the person at this time because the authorities in charge of getting the vaccine out to most people have not dealt with the logistics well. There has been a shortage of vaccines, places and people who can administer it and have been slow to establish. Only now are the authorities receiving enough vaccine to push the vaccination rate up and meaningfully and sustain that level.

As well there was a big media beat up over the Astra Z vaccine regarding an auto immune clotting disorder that 1/50,000 people may experience following administration of the vaccine. As a result there was a general reluctance by the population who could have got it, to get it, opting to wait instead for another brand and type. And to be honest, Australia was incredibly lucky with being able to shut international borders so we as a population were protected from the virus simply by that.

Unfortunately out repatriation program to bring back Australians from overseas brought back Delta too and it has exploited the fact that our population was mostly unvaccinated.

Now that Delta has shut down three entire States and put millions of people into isolation and quarantine, the population is now herding back towards the Astra vaccine. Many people are regretting the missed opportunity they were given to take the Astra and be done with it.

Also, finally, now the media seem to be sending out a more balanced view of the side effects for Astra. Medical authorities know how to treat the rare side-effect very efficiently and even the diagnosis is easy (blood test). The symptoms are quite clear and easy to recognise too so maybe all of these factors will help. Denmark has banned Astra but obviously they must have access to an alternative vaccine at the numbers they require.

I have had Astra and it also made me feel very off for about two and half days but even though I didn't like that and don't want it again, I'd much rather have that relatively mild reaction from the vaccine than get the disease.

I worry about my family members who have not become eligible due to their age group to receive the vaccine. I think I would happily give up my second dose and wait longer just so they may receive it but I don't have the ability to manipulate the system like that. I just have to trust the authorities to amp up their efforts and keep going with the vaccination roll out.

There are a number of new vaccines that are coming up for approval and should, all going well, be available later this year.