News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


Traffic in Orlando is picking up and there have been many work at home coming in. No way are we at full staff though. There is still no PC at every other desk and the leads are on one side of the building and we are on the other. Unless they are filling more desks on the lead side as there aren't enough leads on one shift to fill all the desks on that side. I dunno.

Half ish aren't wearing masks. I'm not part of that half yet. Still don't think it's smart.

I haven't been out to the store in a few months but going next week. Can report on if people in stores are still wearing masks. I feel if people just ditch the mask after they are vaccinated we are going to have another wave and possibly another lock down?


Across the highway from me is an old barn with the sign - Fake news, fake virus, fake election, fake president. My therapist told me about it but I see it every day. Forty percent of the population is vaccinated in my county, however I was the only one wearing a mask in the store. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the crazy one here, and there is no virus.


Sometimes I wonder if I'm the crazy one here, and there is no virus
There's a virus. It's just the people don't believe it's real until someone they love gets it and dies from it. Seen a lot of that on TV and YouTube and stuff. "I didn't really believe in Covid until my wife/husband/son/daughter/insert loved one here got it and died from it. Now I know its real." Sad but true.

Added to people are just stupid. Just my opinion of that.
Update on New South Wales, (NSW) Australia. In a pickle with the Delta variant spreading rapidly through a largely unvaccinated population.

The Australian Therapeutic and Goods Regulator (who authorise medicines/vaccines) has altered it's recommendations again and is now saying that people under age 60 may ask for the Astra vaccine if they reside in a hot zone and anyone that has already had their first dose may return within 6 - 8 weeks for their second dose rather than wait till 12 weeks. It may mean that another booster shot will need to be administered into the future because bringing forward the second shot will not confer the maximum protection long term but will help in the short term. I think this shows really positive agility on their behalf because preventing serious illness must remain the objective and the Delta variant takes no prisoners by the look of it.

I think the media ought to have a long hard look at themselves regarding the speculation and alarmist reporting about the side effects of the Astra vaccine which now in almost all cases can be readily diagnosed and managed very well with good health outcomes in comparison to this deadly variant and it's potential. I do not hear the media stating the comparative risks and they should be.

Unfortunately the virus has seeded into Victoria via some workers and returning holiday makers who did not follow safety precautions like isolating etc and the health authorities are now racing to contact literally thousands of people who attended a football match where there was exposure. The Borders are closed again to large areas of NSW.

The Australian Government and NSW Government have introduced some financial help to workers and companies who are in lockdown. We are so lucky that we reside in a country where this can and does happen. When I cast my eye over other areas of the world I feel like I live on another planet compared to what they are enduring. Just one aspect being that we can still count our infection rate and death toll in the hundreds rather than many thousands.


So, it turns out that my wife’s first vaccine was one of the Indian made AstraZeneca vaccines and that it hasn’t been licensed by the EU.

The vaccine itself is the same as if made here in the U.K. and there are no issues with its safety or effectiveness.

But, these batches made in India are not recognised by the European Medicines Agency and, as a result, they are not recognised by the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate, which allows people who are fully vaccinated to move through Europe without having to quarantine or undergo further testing.

So, some people with one of these Indian made batch numbers are being refused onto flights to some countries (eg Malta) as they don’t have a recognised licensed vaccine.

We’re not planning a trip abroad this year anyway and hopefully this will be resolved before we do. But I really feel for people whose plans to visit family abroad etc are being scuppered by what seems to be an admin glitch really.

Also pretty sure I remember the U.K. government saying that no Indian made AZ vaccines were being used in the country…and yet here we are with this situation… 🙄



Reeeeeally fascinating article about the Lambda variant, and the evolution of the virus, itself.

One of the points almost glossed over is how the countries with the highest vaccine rates who opened “too early” (because of that high rate) have been seeing a massive spike of infections, and over 90% of the ones in Andes? Are lambda variant.


Hardly anyone is wearing masks in my area. A few days ago I was at the grocery store checking out. On the check out line behind me I could hear someone coughing and hacking and simply turned around and looked.

Our of her mouth came ' What you lookin' at bitch?'. I had on a mask so she couldn't see me smile. I said, 'First of all you got my name wrong. Second of all I heard you coughing and hacking and turned around to see if you had on a mask. You don't. So I'm glad I do'. and turned back and finished checking out. There was some laughter and the girl huffed out of the store.

It's not a laughing matter and won't be for a very long time. I and others feel we opened up too soon in this part of Texas. Time will tell. I have had both my vaccinations and will take the booster when and if it's offered. I'm 70 yrs old and don't intend to die on the Covid ward.

It makes me angry how ignorant so many people have been thru this whole thing. Since Jan 2020 and possibly earlier. My 19 yr old granddaugter still wears her mask.

@Friday I read the article you shared. I am foggy brained so can you simplfy the information in laymen terms. I got the idea but couldn't take in the whole article. So this Lamba has been around for a long time and is just now getting recognized?

If so many people didn't believe in Covid 19 they surely are not going to believe in the mutations. What are we in for here??? Natural selection? Just grateful those I love DO believe and are all still wearing masks.