News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


Don't know about any of that. I made a phone call, booked an appointment and was told to bring ID and my medicare card to the appointment. All of a two minutes on the phone.
Mine was easy, too, although it took awhile before I was eligible (despite the fact that I met criteria for getting it early).


My job is bringing everyone back in June. All 880 of us work at home folks and allowing people to go maskless if they prove with a picture of your vaccine stuff that you got the vaccine. Not sure that's smart with almost 2000 of us stuffed in a small call center like working a few feet from each other.

As much as the mask triggers me, just don't know if its smart. It would be smarter to bring people back slowly and allow maskless or bring everyone back at once and require a mask still and slowly go maskless in a few months. Just don't know if it's smart so though I handed them my proof of vaccine, don't think I will be maskless for a few months. But back to the office June 25th! Sigh!


Just a word of caution for those who immunocompromised or have auto immune disorders, even though you are vaccinated, still take precautions. The vaccine is effective, but not as effective in these two groups and the breakthrough cases are mostly these two groups. The vaccine does really help prevent severe disease, but even if you've been vaccinated, talk to your doctor about an antibody test. I am going through cancer treatments and even though I am vaccinated, I don't do enclosed spaces and hang out with vaccinated friends and family. Outdoors is still the safest place and I don't mask up when I'm outside and not near anyone.
Agreed @intothelight and also none of the vaccines are 100% effective in terms of efficacy for every single person vaccinated.

So there's a percentage of people that will still be vulnerable to the virus and it's variants despite having been vaccinated.

I guess the best way to look at vaccines is that they are part of a group of measures we must settle down and accept. Socially distancing, mask wearing, vaccines, getting tested, QR codes, washing hands and smothering our coughs being just a few. None of these are that inconvenient really.


My therapist and I talked about being maskless at work. He said that he usually gets a cold a few times a year. That it could be banked on that he'd have a cold at least a few times a year before the pandemic. But since the pandemic, no cold, no sickness at all. Neither have I. He said after all of this, if he is cramped in a small space with people like on a airplane he will wear a mask. Cause why not?

I cannot stand the mask tho. It's triggering. So I can't see myself not wearing a mask at work at some point but that point isn't now. And I'm not even immune compromised (as far as I know). It's not 100% effect and I have perm damaged lungs. Just don't think it's smart go maskless around a bunch of other maskless people in a cramped space right now.