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The latest news from the antivaxer conspiracy world?

They are now going to be wearing masks to protect themselves from those who have been vaccinated, because everyone knows Bill Gates is injecting us with micro trackers and the only way to prevent being infected by tech is to wear a mask.

THIS.^^^^ is the problem
These are the kind of idiots we are up against.

But hey, if they are in masks who cares what insane reason they are using. But yep - it's gonna go round again and kill many many more people. Then we are going to have a massive outbreak of measles and mumps because parents didn't get their kids vaccinated during the pandemic. And lots of kids will die

And the idiots?
Still won't care.

And the honor system?
In America?
Oh that ship sailed a long, long time ago.


Soooo, here in sunny Australia, where we're having trouble persuading people to go and get the jab, our state government's health department (which is coordinating the local vaccination program) has, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make getting the vaccine nice and simple.

Just follow these easy steps:
1) find a government website that will direct you to an "eligibility checker", and complete the checklist to see if you're in one of the groups eligible for the vaccine;
2) register to get the vaccine;
3) open the email you've now been sent from the department confirming that you can sign up, register and then book a vaccine appointment;
4) sign up and create an account with the Health Department (wha...?? That particular step, which you're given no reason for doing, requires going back and getting a code from another email they've now sent you);
3) log in to that account;
4) verify a series of personal details (including advising which is your preferred language, as though anyone who doesn't speak English is still managing to follow this process), health information (there's 4 seperate questions about possible allergic reactions!) to register to get the vaccine (didn't we already do that!?);
5) book an appointment at a large hospital which is nowhere near where you live;
6) turn up at the right appointment (that'll be $25 minimum for hospital parking) and be prepared to answer all these questions again!

Let's just hope no one who doesn't speak English, doesn't have wifi access, or has an intellectual disability isn't hoping to get the jab any time soon.

And they wonder why the vaccine rollout isn't going as smoothly as they hoped. Go figure!

On the bright side, I now have an account with the state's health department - lucky me!!
decided to make getting the vaccine nice and simple.

^I've got two opportunities to get it now.

1) Appointment made by telephone this morning for both injections at my discretion time of day, date and place. They already have my health records so no questions to answer.

But tomorrow I am going to go to a super vaccination hub and get it there. Still no questions etc. just bring my ID,

Sounds as if you live in entirely different country!

But yeah... QLD? might just be that lol.... :/


But tomorrow I am going to go to a super vaccination hub and get it there. Still no questions etc. just bring my ID,
That’s what we did. We drove a BIT (couple hours) to go to one run by the local fire/police rather than city govt... and it was worth it. The boys & girls in red & blue were efficient as one would expect. 5 minutes in line with all the other cars, never fully in park, rolling almost constantly... 30 minutes in a field upwind from the crush, loosely next to the ambos and half a dozen other high risk for allergic reaction cars. They were doing apx 500 cars every 15 minutes. Appointment slots were on the half hour, so it was a steady stream as some arrived 15 early some 15 late.

Our neighbors went to the local city one... which was also about as efficient as one would expect. They were 4 hours in line, with about a thousand cars.

All in all we spent about the same amount of time, I suppose... but 4 hours on the open highway with music & fresh air -vs- gridlock huffing exhaust, surrounded by angry (& sick?) people, whilst inching forward? Sure FEELS different!


What makes me mad is how so many people are saying “I’m waiting to see the side effects” or something along those lines.

These assholes are directly benefiting off of everyone else who has taken the risk and gotten their jab.

I don’t give a shit about their right to refuse for now and wait. They are selfish assholes. Most won’t social distance. Most won’t wear masks anymore. THIS is why it’s imperative to continue wearing a mask in public.

and to add, I DONT CARE IF THEY DIE! Anyone who has had an opportunity to get a jab but doesn’t, and then dies, that’s on them. I’m not using up emotional resources by giving a flying f*ck about dead people who had an opportunity to protect themselves and then didn’t.
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Months ago local pharmacies passed out lists of vaccine centers. When I got home I enrolled in two of them.

Then a week later I heard from one that I didn't sign up for. Set my time and all I had to bring was ID. I have no idea how many they were doing an hour but from the time I got in line to getting the first shot took only ten minutes. Then the 15 min. waiting period for any reactions. So less than 30 minutes to get it done. And there were hundreds of people there.

Was notified for the second shot. Same. Except I went into the handicap line this time. Even less time to get the shot, maybe three or four minutes taken off waiting time. Already had my card so that and ID and I was in and out.

It was run to perfection. Grateful it's over but there were no complications getting the shots or afterward. No side effects to the shot only a sore arm at the injection site.

If we have to have booster shots it will be done the same way. There is no reason in that area for people to not get the vaccine. No one was passing out or throwing up!!

I still wear my mask tho some stores allow it to be your choice. Read that Austin was no mask territory now. Look for that to be one of the next hot spots. That is a college and party town. So many young people needing to get out of lockdown and social distancing.

Sorry @Sideways that they have made it so complicated.


I’m waiting to see the side effects” or something along those lines.
why are they assholes? all of these vaccines are still in clinical trials.
yeah, they have emergency approval, but all of them have asked for immunity from liability because even they acknowledge they're still in clinical trials.

assholes are directly benefiting off of everyone else who has taken the risk and gotten their jab.
huh, intresting......
like those on disability directly benefiting from those who work and pay taxes?
those directly benefiting from rich, prominent nations? we are definitely all assholes..... pre-covid continuing into post covid.....,.
Most won’t social distance. Most won’t wear masks anymore.
not sure this is true
maybe it is
maybe they're just the ones making the news?
my ex actually knows quite a few Dr's quite personally, some very much involved in viral research, who are not getting the vaccine but are inclined to follow current public health regulations.
i think yer stereotyping and lowering yourself to the level of the people yer currently calling assholes... 🤔
Received my vaccination today. It took some time but only because numbers were greatly increased as lots of people are deciding that the risk of acquiring covid now has jumped up a lot since Victoria has reported a large number of exposure sites and people who just didn't know that they had been exposed and may/may not have become infected have travelled extensively interstate and around the country.

Victoria is heading into a hard seven day lockdown to try to get a handle on all of the tracing.

Anyway my service dog took everyone's mind off being in a long, long line. Several ppl took photos of her and generally talked dogs, puppies and love of all things paw related. :)

Staff were very efficient, friendly and caring. So I've got home and going to take it easy for a few days but hoping for the best. I know I made the correct decision for myself because there is no way I'd survive a covid infection without damage to my health or even death.

I think taking a vaccination is a very personal decision. I do think we have a social responsibility towards other vulnerable people in the community who for medical reasons cannot be vaccinated. But at the end of the day, it is still a personal choice and the responsibility of that choice will be borne out at some point in the future. Weighing up the risks v benefits is the basis of that choice. The repercussions of that decision must be lived with.