News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


Got my Covid vaccine this morning. No side effects yet. Only been a few hours. They didn't have an issue with my service dog. They just took me into a doctor like office that Walgreens has in the pharmacy area. Took about 15 mins to take me in and a few mins to give me the shot. Made sure I stayed in the store for 15 addtional mins. They gave me a thing like you get a prescription that said Covid vaccine. They wanted my insurance info tho and the government site said they wouldn't need that. They said it was just to verify that I have insurance? Anyway, done! And only need one shot for this type! Yay!

Now go to Krispy Kreme and get your free donut when you show them your vaccine card! You can do this every day.


I got my second jab! (Moderna)

I was fine the same day with just a little soreness at the injection site. The next day I woke up and both arms were sore. I had moments where I felt a headache coming on but that disappeared quickly. I was very tired most of the day. At about 30 hours I felt a fever coming on so I took some Tylenol and was fine within a few hours. Now it’s 2 days later and I feel ok other than some soreness at the injection site.

I urge everyone to get your second shot and just try to plan to have a free day the day after your shot so you can rest if you need to. CVS in the USA is opening up more vaccine sites in more stores. This is how I was able to get my second appointment so quickly (I went to a different store than the one that gave me my first shot.)


Was just talking to my missionary friend in India.....covid is totally unchecked over there right now because there are so many small villages without any medical facilities. She had one friend who drove 3 hours to find a hospital for his wife that could take her because there are no more beds to be found anywhere.

She's lost several friends over the last week, has one who had to have an emergency c section and baby/mom on life support and another who was in the hospital, sitting in a wheelchair with on O2 and someone ran up, knocked her out of chair and stole it! Yep -- the country is running out of oxygen resources and doctors are using facebook to beg for o2 for their patients.

And here we sit in good ole merica, where vaccines are available for everyone, and a recent poll said 45% of republicans are still refusing to get it. It's not even concern about the vaccine that is driving the refusal -- its all politics.

Then are these idiots covid is no big deal A town of 1028 people here in the Northwest, where 77% refused to get the vaccine, just had over 100 people get sick after a big community party. That overwhelmed the local hospital so they had to send people 2 hours away to other cities for treatment and forced business to close - not because the governor said to, but because the employees are too sick to work.

Ya - I admit I'm cranky but that's just Darwinism at work.
The Australian government has suspended repatriation of people from India for a while. It was a difficult and unpopular decision but there's no way anyone can argue that bringing back large numbers of infected people into our quarantine system will help India but it could be argued that it may have risked Australia's relative infection free status.

USA, UK, Russia, Australia and several other countries are sending vaccines, oxygen, a portable oxygen maker and ventilators to India. It is truly shocking to see and hear what is happening there. Unfortunately a really large religious festival/event brought together millions of people who otherwise might not have travelled. But the spread of the virus and it's mutants was possibly inevitable. This is a dire warning that countries who do have the capacity must help those who do not otherwise the virus and it's mutants will continue to evolve and spread and we know what that means.

Sweden is apparently rethinking it's virus strategy because infections are increasing. Restrictions are being applied. Sweden is now amongst the highest infection/death rate in Europe. So it seems their let it rip policy has not won them much benefit in terms of public health outcomes and now economic issues may flow on too.

Vaccination hubs are opening all across the country here so it'll be time for me to get it soon. I'm electing to receive the influenza vaccination first this year because I've already had several relatives across the country felled by influenza so then I must wait two weeks before I am allowed to receive the covid vaccine.


I have had both doses of the vaccine. The only side effect I had was a sore arm for 24 hours.

Most of my family are vaccinated now, which I'm really thankful for.

Haven't really been tuning into the news as much, the UK is reopening, which makes me a little anxious.


Haven't really been tuning into the news as much, the UK is reopening, which makes me a little anxious.
I'm so so ready for it to open tbh. People are sick of it and no longer following restrictions anyway. So at some point you gotta be like "things are open. But do this to be safe". Cos people rebel eventually with full restrictions. N the covid variations now are believed to be less fatal because different strains of the virus n deadly versions have been well, dying with the affected people. Which is still awful, but the risk has essentially lessened even if positive case numbers have been consistent.

I'm fully vaccinated, I've had covid, so maybe at this point I'm just cocky. But I think things opening with measures in place is the best way forwards. It'll minimise the rebellious "f*ck it. Let's have a secret party" mindset and also just is better for everyone mental health. I, for one, suck at lockdown. I'm pro it stopping like now.