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A story of “grief, resilience, & reconnection” (LOVE that phrase. Love & adore.) NatGeoSoc’s story of the worldwide impact of Cov19 via photographs.



Florida extended the vaccine to those 40 and over. I'll be 40 on 4/9. So I've got the email the State sent me with the requirements for the vaccine that I signed up for on their site starred so the day I turned 40 I will be figuring out how to get an appointment for the vaccine. Things seem a bit brighter, which is nice!

Make sure you guys sign up for any email about the vaccine from your State's website. They are super helpful!

ETA: It was 60 and over until they other week.


I was in the right place at the right time and got a “leftover” vaccine!

I’m so happy I could do cartwheels! I told the pharmacist I’d hug her if I could. I couldn’t stop thanking her.

I wasn’t eligible under my state rules but of course if you’re there at the end of the day and they have extras, you don’t have to qualify (other than being over 18), as they don’t want vaccines going in the trash.

I was in the store anyway looking for other items and ran into a few friends who were there getting vaccinated as well. They said to just come at the end of the day to check if there were any extras, as that’s how they got theirs. The pharmacist told me they actually had even more extras available today and offered me one.

My elderly mother has rung the authorities and is now eligible for the vaccine. She's booked in for next week. I completed the online registration form for her whilst she was on the phone. I'm several hundred Km's from her and she's not good with the buttons on her phone. We completed it together and submitted it - whew!

I'm so proud of her for stepping forward to get the vaccine when a lot of her age group are not so happy to be doing so. She's now popping around to see her sister, my elderly aunt to see if she'll budge from her stance of not wanting the vaccine. Maybe going to the vaccine clinic together will help.

My GP has told me that I'll be eligible too so time for me to step up and register.

Personally I just think it is a medical miracle of incredible magnitude that we even have a vaccine (s) and they will help us survive the illness. Just amazing. So fortunate! :)


With the first shot I only had some soreness in the arm injected, but no side effects. I get my second shot tomorrow. Still wearing a mask out in public, but grateful the shots are rolling out like clockwork.

Was so impressed with how well and smoothly the first round went. From the time I walked in the door and the gamut, you have to go thru to the injection section only took ten minutes. Then led to an auditorium and sat three chairs apart for 15 minutes to see if there were any immediate reactions. In and out in 25 minutes.

Canes, walkers, wheelchairs provided for those that might need them. Water if you asked for it. It ran so smoothly. Hope it is that way for everyone. Be glad to get the last shot and feel a little safer.
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