News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


I've got an appointment for the vaccine. Grateful.
I’ve had a text from the surgery to tell me to me on standby for my appointment notice. You know ..... in case I get busy in lockdown / stay at home orders and miss the invitation!
Its been relatively common for a few of my colleagues (like three or four of them, not like a guaranteed thing) to get a fever after the vaccine, it's tended to resolve after a day or two. I'm not sure how appropriate it is for his receptionist to call him "really, really sick" though tbh. But I wouldn't worry too much.

exactly - a few of my stateside friends have been mentioning pretty hefty after effects - quite a few of them nurses. It’s not putting them off the vaccine! I do not know which they have had.

my very elderly mother had the Oxford one with no ill affect. My father had the Oxford jab this week after a very recent stroke with not a single problem - not even a little sore in the arm.

I will quite happily take whatever given and even would even volunteer to take one more likely to make you feel ill afterwards as I don’t work or care for kids- it’s a shame we cannot volunteer that way but I’m grateful for what ever given to me.


They warned me when I got my shots that getting sick afterwards was really common because it was your immune system kicking in to "learn" what the vaccine was there to fight. I got lucky and didn't have any side effects but was really glad they were honest in case I had - otherwise I'd have really stressed out


I've had what I suppose is every infection that was there run rampant shortly afterwards. One day without blood in urine though. But different ones, for 1st & 2nd dose.

Unrelated, I thought this was interesting, I've seen it in print before. Of course it doesn't take in to consideration other traumas, but so was it then too, plus the obvious:

Our vaccination program commenced yesterday with some dignitaries receiving their vaccines as a demonstration of solidarity with the government, health authorities and science.

I was really pleased to see the program begin to roll out today to our most vulnerable and front-line workers this morning.

I know that we'll all still have to do whatever it takes to help prevent the virus and it's mutants spreading till more data comes in about the vaccines but it is the first big step towards a life that we would all rather have.

I'm so grateful that the vaccines are on the way all around the world and I hope everyone can hang in there till it's their turn.


For anyone that is interested, many counties and municipalities have a "stand by" list where you can sign up and be contacted at the end of the day if there is left over vaccine. Because the vaccine doesn't keep, this allows every dose to be used.
Yes! I signed up on Florida's list like a week ago. I found it by googling Covid vaccine Florida. I am sure every state has a site just for this so they don't get flooded with calls asking about the vaccine.


It really disturbs me, because we (where I am) burn through PPE like there's no tomorrow, and the kits are made in China. And all I can think of is their lousy working conditions, lack of human rights, how many wouldn't even get to these ages. 😢

We had great news here- LTC outbreak who had 1st vaccination only, and no one became seriously ill within it, nor was hospitalized nor died. Tremendous news.