News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


It's pretty mind blowing (and kinda gross) when they start talking about how many infected delta goobies are carried around in peoples noses compared with the alpha variant.

We're up to masks on high school kids here, and limits on sports, including outdoors. Melbourne has confirmed cases of kids infecting other kids just by walking to school together. It's becoming odd seeing people on tv not wearing masks, like they live in an alternate reality where there's no delta variant.

When even emojis seem to understand the new norm😷, it's genuinely other-worldly to read about politicians in Texas having functions without masks when infection rates are the highest they've ever been.


And that’s WITH a 3-7 snap-lockdown. From 1 person. Infecting 4 (known) people.

Even if my side of the planet just does. not. seem. to. get. how exponential infections are? It’s still nice to see your side of the planet does.

It's been a bit of a whirlwind 24 hours, but watching the news briefing right now, I'm so grateful for all the measures that are being undertaken so rapidly.

Also quite chuffed I went to the supermarket and did a heap of laundry over the weekend so I'm set at home for a while.


it's genuinely other-worldly to read about politicians in Texas having functions without masks when infection rates are the highest they've ever been.
American Ingenuity… This time? We’re invoking Darwin. <casts eyes skyward> The most vexing part of it all, is that it’s like drink driving. The drunk? Is usually fine. It’s the people they crash into that die. So the maskless no-precaution taking twats? Fine. And everyone else -dying as a result of their actions- can suck it.

Strine Sense & Brit Know How PAIR reeeeally well with our wacky ideas, but sadly, left to our own devices, we’re our own worst enemy more often than not.


Got my third vaccine on Monday as I am immunosupressed. Totally different than the first vaccination as I went on line at 8 A.M. and was vaccinated by 11 A.M. Supply isn't an issue and so many countries would love to have the availability the US has, but we still have people who think this isn't serious. I just don't understand the resistance and why no one will take the politics out of it.


With this new Delta variant it's surprising to me just how many people at work are maskless. At least half if not more (probably more) and then around town (not been in the grocery store in a few months) it's even more then that. And at least at work I know the maskless people had the vaccine. Can't say that for those around town outside of work. My sup got Covid and then had to have had the vaccine too as having it and proving he did so is the only way he can go maskless at work. So maybe he is covered? Or at least thinks he is. But I doubt every single maskless person at work has had Covid. So many just think we are back to normal if you got the vaccine. Nothing wrong here. It just surprises me that people can think that way when we see new infections with a different variant and all of the vaccines are less effective against that new variant. Like one of the types of vaccines (I think it was J&J) are like 60 something percent protection against the Delta variant. That's almost 50/50. Dude, those odds are crap! Wear a mask even if vaccinated. It's not hard. It maybe hard for some of us but are you going to have hard or really sick and possible death? It's like insane mass denial!


I gave a friend a ride to the doctor yesterday. Well, a bit more than that, I was pushing her wheelchair, so I went in with her. Non-Covid problems. The first nurse wasn't wearing her mask properly. My friend mentioned it to the doctor who didn't seem quite as concerned as one might hope. Then they sent her for a blood draw. When she came back, she said that the person who drew her blood was telling her that there's a rally for "medical freedom" in town this weekend and she's going because it's just awful that the hospital system is making all their employees get vaccinated and that they will all be sterile as a result....... I wasn't expecting that kind of stuff at a MEDICAL CLINIC! I'm glad I'm good at "social distancing".