News Worldwide impact of the novel coronavirus (covid-19)


my state just turned over 3000 deaths, a quick internet search says thats roughly the equivalent of everyone in our 35 smallest towns. Lots of little towns I know and love.
3000 people is more than the town I live in, by a fair amount. Looking at it this way makes me shake off the numb and think about the real loss of life we have suffered.
3000 people is way too many. We are going to miss them

Why would anyone continue the behaviors that cost us these people? I just don't get it.


Why would anyone continue the behaviors that cost us these people? I just don't get it.
Because they still don't believe it
And they won't until it touches someone they love
Then they change their song and it becomes "we were wrong, blah blah ,get the shot, blah blah"

For people like this?
Other humans don't matter to them
It has to get personal before they give a crap about the rest of the world


It seems they are bringing everyone back into the office. At least one of the 2 on my team mates that were at home are back (and took my desk). He is disabled and so I'm sure he went at home due to health so they are bringing high risk people back in even with those in the office getting Covid almost several times a week in the office now. Sigh!




Our constitutional sheriff who got the virus said it was not bad at all. This is a man that was hospitalized and on a vent. Really? People who won't get the vaccine because it isn't "safe" are taking livestock wormer instead. It says on the package - not for human consumption. Where is the logic in that? After I worm my chickens I have to throw away the eggs for 10 days and you can bet I won't take the wormer if the eggs aren't safe for 10 days after.


Have a Dr's appt Tues. My text notification says they are in Stage 5 in Austin. Texas is being hit again.

I've had both Moderna shots. Still nothing definitive if we are going to have to take a booster shot. Waiting to hear.

An acquaintance recently posted anti vaccine bs on FB. A week later her grown son came down with Covid 19. She is now rushing around to find the livestock wormer @DharmaGirl referred to.

Won't take a FDA approved shot but will make sure her son gets a 'not for human consumption' livestock wormer. I don't understand and have given up trying.