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Have any of you had messed up, heavy, clotty periods after the vaccine. I’ve heard that this happens and tends to resolve in a few months. I’m mostly just concerned for my 18 year old daughter. She also started birth control that does a period every three months. Very clotty. Not sure if it’s her phizer or the bcp. She is due for her second Pfizer in a week and I have a few concerns. Since she had mild covid last year, I wonder if the vaccine is causing too much inflammation. I will ask her doctor, but I’m curious if any women on here have had that experience or know of research. The rest of my family has been fine with the vaccine other than when I got pretty sick on my second moderna.


Out here there are still protests at the mask mandate, protests for the vaccine mandate, and lots and lots of arguing on how the vaccine is worthless. My PTSD symptoms were getting a lot worse again, and my therapist suggested it could be from my reading my town website. There are people asserting that the lies are truth, and the truth is lies, which can be a trigger for those of us with trauma since our whole childhood was filled with more of the same. Made sense to me so I'm going to bow out of any conversations with my neighbors.

Our town has had more Covid cases this past August than it has had during the entire Covid outbreak. Still, it's just the government trying to take away your rights. Or - it's just a flu. Or - how many people do you know that have had Covid? That one doesn't work anymore because we all know the Sheriff, and my therapist had it although he was vaccinated. He had a mild case, and the sheriff had to be hospitalized since he wasn't vaccinated.


The horse wormer thing came from a few small cases in india where parasites are super common. They found that when they were treating people with covid, who also had worms, the deworming medicine seemed to help the covid symptoms. But only if you had worms first!

People are idiots.
Darwanism is real.


horse wormer thing
dont want vaccine made for humans but will take de-wormer made for horses......wha???

anyways: my pov

pharma don't want to be held liable for damages from their own vaccines- why?
because they'd like to do more testing themselves? especially long term before being comfortable they wont be hit with billions of lawsuits? *shrugs*

science is fluid- hypothesis to experiment to conclusion to peer review to new hypothesis to experiment to..... on n on

covid vaccines- BAM! they work, take them. where's the back and forth? oh right, getting shut down, that's terrifying really

newer variants (potentially)may not even care if you're vaccinated so....... we risked what for no reason? the people who have died from vaccine injury and left families behind who get zero compensation died for what reason now? people who probably would be one of the 98% of people who will survive covid died because of societal pressure for what reasons now? none?

vaccinated ppl can carry heavy enough viral loads to infect others, even other vaccinated people?
are now walking around without masks, visiting elderly etc. - no idea they're contagious.

non- vaccinated people get a cold, stay home cuz they're symptomatic and aren't passing it on to their 95yr old vaccinated grandparents who end up dead as a breakthrough case


vaccinated people seem more dangerous to me atm

of course theres dick heads everywhere not following rules, not using common sense blah blah blah

theres no simple answers
theres no one solution will fix shit
and its not black and white

i had covid a few weeks ago
really bad cold for me, cough lingered like 2 weeks, it was mild, comparatively but bad for me
bad cold for my kids under 12 - again really mild comparatively but bad for their normal
vaccinated parents- the one with bad health had minor coughs for a few days, denied he was sick and went out
healthy parent didn't have symptoms at all and went out a few times anyways to get groceries etc cuz they legally dont have to stay home anymore

glad they were vaccinated tho, i guess

and where i live there's almost no restrictions cuz 70% vaccination rate- where i live specifically is 85% across the ages and our numbers r posting higher than ever

so, they brought backs masking finally but you still dont have to quarantine if you're a close contact so they won't even tell you if kids at school had it

if anyone really thought this gong show would be over in a year........ 🤣
maybe 2023?

and i guess my point is- not every vaccinated person is a good, smart or responsible person with common sense and not every unvaccinated person is an uncaring idiot asshole

might even be the opposite is true


ETA: the amount of pressure on ppl to get a vaccine is seriously f*cked up btw
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and i guess my point is- not every vaccinated person is a good, smart or responsible person with common sense and not every unvaccinated person is an uncaring idiot asshole
ETA: the amount of pressure on ppl to get a vaccine is seriously f*cked up btw
ya ....I'm pissed off that I still have to wear a mask to protect people who refuse to get vaccines because they don't care if they get sick or not, or don't believe in it. People get a choice, vac or dont. But if they don't want to get a vaccine then THEY should be the ones wearing masks, not those of us that are vaccinated. Plus most workplaces that require vaccines also offer an option of weekly testing, but somehow that is "against my rights" too. Because they don't care about the pandemic. They care they are being told to do something to help the community.

I think people are just over the politics of it and the toll it is taking on hospitals. Right now our icus are 100% full, so if my hubbys in a car crash and needs icu there is nowhere to put him...because it is filled with people who didn't get the vaccine and now are dying of covid -- something they could have prevented.

It's damn frustrating because it didn't have to be like this.

There are anti vaxxers picketing our local schools and screaming at the kids that masks are wrong and they dont have to be vaccinated and blah blah.
Little Kids.
Trying to go to school!

So a judge told protesters they had to stay at least a mile away -- which of course they didn't because "it was against our rights to tell us we couldn't picket across from a school" For f*cks sake these are children - why are your screaming at them??? Their response? Post her home address on social media and tell people to go to her home to protest. Thats happening all over to mayors and governors and other lawmakers in a bunch of states.

All over the US there have been assaults at school board meetings, death threats to city council members and employees at the health department, screaming customers at restaurants demanding to be serve and one asshat even walked into his daughters 1st grade classroom and punched the teacher in the face because she asked the kid to put her mask on.

So ya - the sympathy for the anti vaxxer message is pretty much gone.


the sympathy for the anti vaxxer message is pretty much gone.
yup, assholes everywhere
ETA: oh fml- this makes it seem like im calling u the asshole..... i'm not, obviously.

sorry, im agreeing with you, i get why the sympathy is gone- cuz there are assholes everywhere
that I still have to wear a mask to protect people who refuse to get vaccines because they don't care if they get sick or not,
different perspective:
they dont want you to, they arent asking you to

the reason you're wearing a mask is because the govt has to do 'something' but there's really a not a whole lot of useful shit they actually can do and vaccinated people are still spreading it so....... masks

its ridiculous though, this growing divide and fear of vaccinated vs unvaccinated and thats the shit that has to stop

mob mentality is dangerous

also- theres been so much work getting laws into place to respect peoples bodies are their own and they get to choose what gets done to it- mostly for women (think abortions to laws about SA) and that could also all get undone/changed for the worse by forced vaccines

for me- i dont care if ppl have or dont have the vaccine
i dont ask
not my business
and i wouldnt take offence to someone who's concerned, high risk, cant get vaccinated, asking me - like if my kids wanna play with their kids or whatever crap and they have whatever issue or want my kids to wear masks- dont care

n icu wards r full cuz nobody planned properly for the inevitable pandemic- although they were warned

but i feel ya @Freida and i wouldnt wanna have any reason to be near a hospital atm
but im not blaming the unvaccinated for that- they deserve their healthcare as much as the lung cancer patient, diabetic, alcoholic, elderly pneumonia, fully vaccinated etc patients

we can all only make the choices we feel comfortable to make