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i am hearing impaired and rely heavily on lip reading to communicate.

is there a polite and politically correct way to let people know i can't "hear" through a mask?
@arfie , totally relate to why you wouldn't want to identify hearing challenges to those who don't need to know. I will say this: I work all day with a mask I cannot remove, for people often very very hard of hearing or nearly completely deaf who may or may not also be wearing a mask. It is up to the sender of the msg to re-tool or find another way to communicate, (including but not limited to) annunciating more clearly, projecting their voice, speaking more loudly, or slowly, facing the person, gesturing or writing it down. I have met no one whom I immediately couldn't recognize as having difficulty hearing. A simple shake of the head and motion to the ears, or shrugged shoulders and palms up then pointing at the ears should be more than sufficient. FWIW, in that way if both the sender and receiver can recognize that much, and if there is good will and patience it can be navigated. (Just as eyes reflect a smile if it's legitimate.) Also, you can keep a brief card the size of a business card to show if necessary; it may request the person writes down what they wish to say or are asking. (You've probably thought of that).

I have noticed when I wear a mask I find it more difficult to hear. Which I joke about, but likely is also because I am lip reading to some extent, or it's an executive function/ brain fog or oxygen level issue (because I can concentrate or focus better without the mask).

I wish you good luck! 🤗
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Will still get it but just has me wondering is all.
I understand. I guess I think of it a bit like wearing a seat belt in a car - people who wear seat belts can still be seriously injured, or killed, in accidents. But the data suggests that they are overall more likely to escape serious harm than those who don't wear seat belts.
J's mom is in the covid ward. She went in yesterday. 🙏
I hope J's mum is improving/ will soon if not yet, and that you two are doing the best you can given the circumstances.


we have a large deaf community here and they are using clear masks that let them be protected but still be able to read lips.

i used to live near a state school for the deaf. oh, how i miss that sense of empathetic community. . .

out here in callous normieville, other people being able to read MY lips is of little value, especially since the advent of the covidic focus. if it ain't covid, it don't count.


Hopefully etsy can help - or maybe a call to a deaf school or center?
The one I've used is from the ClearMask company - between their regular and high-filtration, the high filtration one is easier to fit, IMO. It's graded as a surgical mask, NOT a respirator. Made from plastic with an anti-fog coating. Currently out of stock, that one. But the other one, they have in-stock. Which absolutely works, if you need a clear mask. Just takes some fiddling with the foam that maintains the seal. And the sides don't seal, which makes it more breathable, but less effective. Don't know how it stacks up to cloth masks.


The last few weeks we've been transporting more and more covid patients, and we're lucky now if we transport even one or two non-covid patients in a shift. So far this tour, 2 shifts in and we've transported about 15 patients, 13 of them with covid. My last patient tonight isn't going to survive their covid infection. But, they took the time to talk to one of our Sup's to say thank you for how well we treated them, and with dignity even though their body was doing some really unpleasant things. This is one of the kindest people I've ever cared for as a paramedic, just an awesome human being, and it hits you in the feels when they say ''I think I'm on my way out, early''. I really hope this wave ends soon, I'm getting really tired of pretending to be unaffected while my patients are dying of a preventable transmitted illness. My partner and I were so done after this call, we accidentally left a $20,000. piece of equipment behind, and only noticed after driving an hour across the city. Oops???? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️


I had the vaccine in Jan 2021, double shots. Then just got my booster two weeks ago and ended up allergic. Got through the reaction and had some weird side effects that are rare for about two weeks. Not a walk in the park, but for me.... So. Worth. It.

I'm probably exposed on the regular and I'm pretty sure I've had Covid too, prior to vaccination, maybe since, but I'm still breathing alive and ready to keep fighting off this bug.

Some people don't want the vaccine. Everyone can make a risk assessment for themselves. It's not a walk in the park for everyone. For me, I rather deal with a shot than a ventilator. With asthma, it's always a tough go with most respiratory bugs and in my state, we are rationing medical care. So weird vaccine side effects it is.

Hopefully this is the last severe wave and soon it will drop off around the world.