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You know what's really annoying about ptsd… The mother of all panic attacks

.......when you're "doing really well" post therapy ending, and suddenly 1 single piece of news causes the mother of all panic attacks, catastrophsizing, hyperventilating, tears galore......you get the gist. All happening at 3.44am, and because of this piece of news you need to go look after family members baby and toddlers on 2hrs sleep, all whilst feeling relieved you don't have to go back to the place of your own trauma, yet incredibly guilty that you haven't gone to be with said family. Jesus take the God damm wheel!
Hi, sorry to hear of your current situation. I can very much relate to this post and moreover the sudden onset panic attacks. Are you feeling better?

I'm quite new to this forum but loving it so far, it really helps me get by. I wanted to ask, seeing as you're post mentioned "post therapy" - out of curiosity and obviously you do not have to share... But what other ways do you manage your symptoms for example medication mediation?
I'm new on my C-PTSD journey and just feeling very lost, hoping to get some insight - obviously one size does not fit all... I've got my second therapy session tomorrow...

Hope all goes as well as it can and your able to get some rest / relax.
I tend to categorize “out of a clear blue sky” stuff as “pure” PTSD. MOST symptom spikes, etc.? Aren’t. Out of a clear blue sky. They’re stress, or life, or in other ways extreeeeemely predictable. Yep this is happening, so that is rearing up in response. But? Outta clear blue sky? Happens. That’s not life, or stress, or stressors, or triggers, but…. Just…. PTSD. Doing it’s thing.