You Know You Have PTSD When...


^ Gets that a lot, @Friday...

Yo mate, we can do a swing: I'll fret over kids in May, you in July, and in November we'll have margaritas somewhere Japan, away from all the crazy, with the respective kids fretted about? ;)

Fuuture. It real. Good momma. Not failing cub. And burned cakes & tamales are yumms nice birthday too.

You got him. You always do. All the other stress can deck it. Not bad parties, safe kiddo, who will look over atcha in amusement or w/e teens do at the end of the day. And the day will be over. Calm and clear skies.
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You don't walk into a place without knowing how to get out. That place is inpatient, you identify different ways you could self harm yourself while under care, and finally admit to yourself that suicide is a way out ( but truly acknowledge that statement 2weeks after release)


Making yourself stop avoiding things you have for decades is a major success.

... but then, so is remembering why you related to a comic char the first time you read it.

Thank goodness, Nightwing being so awesome superhero to model off of... who also happens to be a cop ;)